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How to Enable Dynamic Lock on Windows Laptops?

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Dynamic Lock is a simple but valuable feature that automatically locks our PC when we move away from it. It basically works with Bluetooth pairing with the user’s mobile phone. When a user goes out of range with his/her mobile phone then the Bluetooth connection between the PC and the mobile gets weaker and disconnected than the Dynamic Lock feature gets activated and instantly locks the PC so that no other can use your PC in the absence of you.

Enable/Disable Dynamic Lock Settings on Windows:

1. At the very beginning, you have to connect your mobile phone to your PC via Bluetooth.

  • For that first turn on Bluetooth from your phone 
  • Go to PC settings and open Devices
  • Then do Add Bluetooth/other Device
  • Connect with your mobile Bluetooth.

2. Open the Settings option on Your PC, either manually or “windows+I” shortcut.


3. Click on the Accounts option from the settings.


4.  Go to the Sign-in options.


5. Expand through the Dynamic Clock options and put the tick mark on “Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away”. To turn off the Dynamic Lock feature, uncheck the “Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away” option. Thus, the feature is active now. Now, if you go away, your PC will be locked automatically.


Pairing a Bluetooth Device to Windows 11:

You must first connect your Windows 11 PC with another Bluetooth device in order for everything to operate.

Step 1: Your phone or other mobile device has to have Bluetooth turned on and be in pairing mode.
Step 2: Now, Bluetooth-connect your device to Windows 11.
Step 3: Turn on the Bluetooth toggle switch on your PC by going to Settings → Bluetooth & devices.
Step 4: Now go to the Windows 11 Bluetooth setting and Select “Add device” from the menu.
Step 5: When the Add a device screen displays, select Bluetooth from the top menu.
Step 6: Select if you want to use your phone or another Bluetooth device. Once more, use something you can carry with you when you leave the computer. Although a phone is a terrific alternative, you might also have some suitable headphones or another wearable device.
Step 7:  Give any additional pairing instructions. For instance, Windows 11 instructs our iPhone to finish by sending a code. You’ll receive the following success message.
Step 8: To close the window, click Done. 

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Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2023
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