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How to Download and Install Tor Browser on Windows?

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Tor is free and open-source software. It is also known as The Onion Router and it is used for enabling anonymous communication. The main purpose of this browser is to direct the internet traffic using a free, worldwide overlay network, it contains more than six thousand relays, that are used for hiding a user’s location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. It will protect the personal privacy of its users, and their freedom to freely do confidential communication by keeping their internet activities unmonitored. It was developed by The Tor Project and was initially released on 20 September 2002.

Installing Tor Browser on Windows 

Step 1: Visit the official website using any web browser. 


Step 2: Click on Download for Windows to download Tor.


Step 3:  Now looking for the executable file in the downloads folder in your system and open it.


Step 4: The next screen is to choose your setup language which you want to choose and click on OK.


Step 5: The next window will be of installing location so choose the drive which will have sufficient memory space for installation of Tor Browser. It needed a memory space of roughly 218.3 MB. Click on the Install button.


Step 6: After this installation process will start and will take a few minutes to complete the installation.


Step 7: Click on the Finish button after the installation process is complete.


Step 8: Now the Tor Browser opens automatically and now click on Connect to connect the tor browser with servers.


Step 9: Now it will take some time to connect with servers hardly 1-3 minutes.


After connecting the real interface of the Tor browser will appear. Now you are ready to search and explore anything.


Tor Browser is successfully installed on the system and an icon is created on the desktop.


Congratulations!! At this point, you have successfully installed Tor Browser on your Windows system.

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Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2022
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