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How to Download and Install LightShot on Windows?

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The lightshot tool is used for taking quick and easy screenshots. Choose a region, make any necessary edits, and upload your screenshot to the server. The quickest method for taking editable screenshots is Lightshot. Do you wish to use another application to snap screenshots? Select the most useful Lightshot download option to take advantage of this chance. You can take screenshots of your desktop using this application. Lightshot is a program for making, modifying, and sending screenshots quickly.

Features of Lightshot

  • Internet-based screenshot sharing

Do you want to show your friends any of the stuff you see on the screen, including pictures, photographs, webpage excerpts, and other types of media? Simply press the Print Screen key to launch Lightshot, choose a region, and click “Upload.” You will receive a link that you may send to your contacts or post anywhere—on your blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, etc.

  • Picture History

By logging in at, you can keep track of every screenshot you have taken. For access to your own collection of screenshots, register for a Lightshot account. Here, you can add descriptions and delete any unnecessary web-sourced photos. For further details, visit our about gallery page.

  • Snapshot to clipboard copied

A screenshot can be copied and pasted into any compatible program, such as Word, Paint, Photoshop, etc., by simply copying it to your clipboard. Either clicking “Copy” or pressing the Ctrl+C hotkey will accomplish this. Another choice is to pick the area while holding down the Ctrl key; this will cause the screenshot to be copied to the clipboard as soon as the mouse button is released.

  • After taking a screenshot, instantly edit it

Utilizing the robust Pixlr Editor online, you can alter your screenshot. You can highlight something or add a text remark, and it features the traditional Pen, Brush, and Blur tools. There are also lots of other great features to use! Watch the tour video to discover more.

  • Snapshots to your computer

To save a screenshot as a JPG, PNG, or BMP file, use the “Save” button or the hotkey Ctrl+S. This eliminates the need for an initial upload and lets you keep your screenshot locally on your computer.

Installation of Lightshot

Step 1: We will download the lighshot.exe file in windows using the below link,



Step 2: We will run the .exe file and accept the License Agreement and click the next button.



Step 3: The software installation is started now wait 1 min.



Step 4: The installation is completed now click the finish button



The software is ready to use.



The software is successfully installed now.

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Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2023
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