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How to Download and Install Jira on Windows?

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  • Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2023
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Jira is a project management tool that provides a platform for organizations to plan, track, and release software. Jira is commonly used by software development teams, but it can be used for any type of project management. It is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and workflow of an organization. It is designed to help teams plan, track, and discuss work across various projects and teams. Jira provides a range of features and tools that allow teams to,

  • Create and prioritize tasks and issues
  • Assign tasks to team members and track their progress
  • Set up and track project milestones
  • Collaborate with team members through comments, mentions, and @mentions
  • Use agile tools such as Scrum and Kanban boards to visualize and track work
  • Use reports and dashboards to track project progress and performance

Key Features of Jira

Jira is a project management tool that offers a range of features to help teams plan, track, and discuss work. Some of the key features of Jira include:

  • Agile tools: Jira offers tools for agile software development, including Scrum and Kanban boards, which allow teams to visualize and track work as it progresses.
  • Customizable workflows: Jira allows teams to customize their workflows to match their specific process and requirements.
  • Issue and project tracking: Jira allows teams to create and track issues and tasks, assign them to team members, and track their progress. It also provides tools for tracking and managing projects, including the ability to set up and track project milestones.
  • Collaboration: Jira provides a range of collaboration tools, including the ability to add comments and @mentions, as well as integrations with other collaboration tools such as Slack.
  • Reporting and dashboards: Jira offers a range of reports and dashboards that allow teams to track project progress and performance.
  • Custom fields: Jira allows teams to create custom fields to capture additional information about issues and projects.
  • Integrations: Jira integrates with a range of tools and services, including code repositories, testing tools, and customer support systems.

System Requirements of Jira

  • Operating System(OS): Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • RAM: 512 MB or More.
  • Hard Disk Space(HDD): Minimum 50 MB free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core, Intel i3 or above.

Installation Steps of Jira

Step 1: Open the following website to download Jira’s .exe package.



Step 2: Then select the support release to download the Jira package and click on Download.



Step 3: Then check the privacy policy to download the Jira and click on submit this will start the downloading process for Jira.



Step 4: Then execute Jira’s .exe file to continue the installation process here installation of the Jira gets started.



Step 5: Then click on Yes to give User Account Control for installation of the Jira Software.



Step 6: This will install Jira Software 9.4.1 on your computer. The wizard will lead you to step by step through the installation. Click Next to continue or Cancel to exit Setup.



Step 7: Then Choose the appropriate installation or upgrade option to install Jira software.



Step 8: Select the Destination Directory to install Jira Software, Choose where should your Jira Software be installed.



Step 9: Then Select the default location for Jira Software data after installation.



Step 10: Then select the start menu folder to install Jira Software.



Step 11: Then configure which ports Jira Software will use and configure TCP ports.



Step 12: Then click on Allow access button to unblock the features which have been blocked by Jira.



Step 13: Then you will see an installation summary that contains details on where Jira Software will be installed and the settings that will be used.



Step 14: Now Jira is installed on your computer please wait while Jira is installed on your computer.



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