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How to Create GitHub Sponsorship Profile?

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  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2022
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The GitHub sponsorship profile supports you financially and the community, the open source work you are doing as a developer is rewarded by the people who support you as a sponsor. The sponsorship profile helps you to collect your penny from your sponsors and how you can make your GitHub sponsorship profile as a developer will see in this guide step by step. Also, you can support any other developer as a sponsor to support their work for the community. It is necessary to have a sponsorship profile so the people who love your work can support you.

Criteria for Sponsorship Profile

The criteria for a personal GitHub sponsorship profile are very straightforward, anyone who contributes to open source is eligible to become a sponsored developer. The open source contribution has no limits report bugs, creating issues, help the community with code, and non-code contribution.

Create a Github Sponsorship Profile Step by Step

Step 1: Navigate to the official GitHub ( account and select your sponsors from to right navbar. 


Step 2: The list of eligible accounts is shown click on the dashboard. Now click on profile details.


Step 3: Uner the short bio section writes a short description about yourself.

Step 4: Under the introduction section writes about your work and why people support you while writing be specific with your work.


Step 5 (Optional): Choose a repository it’s optional but good if you have a repo that helps you to get a sponsor. You can select up to 6 repositories. and finally click on update profile. Your Github sponsorship profile is set now it’s time to set tiers for your profile and add banking details.

How to Create Sponsorship Tiers?

You can create set up to 10 one-time sponsorship tiers and 10 monthly tiers for your sponsors its totally up to you.

Step 1: From the upper-right corner of any Github page, click your profile photo, then click Your sponsors. 


Step 2: Go to Dashboard. From the sidebar click Sponsor tiers.


Step 3: Here are two options one-time tier or monthly tier is up to you to choose. Then fill in the price section per month or one time and write a description for the tier.

Step 4: Write a welcome message for your sponsor’s profile and save the draft. and Publish your tier type.

Submitting Bank Information

This section requires bank information and stripe account and pan card details.

Step 1: Goto GitHub profile and click the sponsor’s tab. Then go to the dashboard and Click Stripe Connect account.

Step 2: Go to stripe, create an account, and filled the information. Keep in mind Stripe process is simple and requires pan card details.

Step 3: After this step, you need to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your GitHub account.

Submitting for Approval

Step 1: Go to the sponsor’s page from your profile and follow Step 1. Click on the dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Request approval. It takes three days for GitHub to review your application. After the application is approved, your profile will automatically be live on your Github account.

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