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How to Create Collections in Postman

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  • Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2022
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In this article, we will see how to create Collections in Postman. It is an Application Programming Interface (API) tool that streamlines the lifecycle of API development and testing in an efficient manner. It can be used to develop, design, document, and test APIs. Postman provides the ability to group together several API requests into a logical arrangement called Collections. This not only allows developers to save and reuse API requests but also to share among team members. This article provides a step-by-step guideline on how to create collections in Postman.

Stepwise Implementation

Step 1: 

Click on the New Icon present in the postman application. This shows a range of options to select from such as creating HTTP requests, creating collections, setting up a workspace, etc.

Step 2: 

Click on + button near Collection to create a new collection. Specify a suitable name for it. 

The Collections tab on the left sidebar shows all the collections that have been created.

  • An Authorization method can be specified for all the requests in the collection in the Authorization tab. 
  • Pre-request scripts can be added to run a script before executing each request. 
  • Tests can be included which executes after every request. 
  • Variables necessary for the collection can be specified in the Variables tab.

Step 3: 

Click on Add a request to create a new request and add it to the collection. 

This request can be configured by specifying a suitable name, request URL, Http method, or any other details required for sending it.

Step 4: 

Click on the expand icon present left to each collection name to see the number and list of requests it contains.

Step 5: 

Click on the menu icon present next to each collection to explore the range of functionalities provided by postman. 

It is possible to share, edit, rename, run, export collections.

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