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How to Create Charts in Excel?

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  • Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2022

The charts are the visual representation of data in both rows and columns. They are used to analyze the trends and patterns in the datasets. For example, If we want to analyze the sales of different courses for a specific period of time we can easily do this with the help of charts and get the result of queries such as months having a maximum number of sales etc.

Uses of Charts

  • Allows visualizing the data graphically.
  • Easy to compare and interpret the data in datasets.
  • Provide easier and more convenient analysis for trends and patterns in data over a period.

Step By Step Implementation Of Chart

In this example, we will use random courses sales data for the period of Jan 2022-May 2022, using this data we will be inserting a column chart and analyzing the sales for different courses.

Step 1: Create Dataset

In this step, we will create our dataset using the following random sales data for different courses for Jan 2022 – Mar 2022 period.


Fig 1 – Dataset

Step 2: Insert Bar Chart

Once we have created our dataset, we will insert the bar chart. For this, we need to Select Data > Inset > Charts > Column Chart.



After we insert the chart, Excel will automatically prepare the chart according to the dataset and insert it into the sheet.



Step 3: Formatting The Chart

In this step, we will format the chart. This will enhance our chart and also provide information that will help to analyze the chart easily.

  • Adding Chart Title
    • In order to add a title to the chart, double-click on the Chart Title view and, add whatever title you want.

Fig 4 – Add Title To Chart

  • Adding Axis
    • In order to add an axis, we need to click on the plus(+) button beside the chart and check the axis titles checkbox and add the axis name.


We can format the chart depending on our use case.

Step 4: Output



Type Of Charts

Excel provides a number of charts that we can use to visualize and analyze the data in different scenarios. Usually, we are required to choose the chart type depending upon the data we are required to analyze.

Chart Type

When To Use


Bar Chart
  • The column chart is used to compare the values across different categories.
  • In the column chart, the data value runs horizontally across the chart.


Pie Chart
  • Pie chart is used to quantify data values.
  • It represents the data in percentage in a circular graph.


Column Chart
  • A column chart is used to compare the values across different categories.
  • The data values run vertically across the chart.


Line Chart
  • The line chart is used to visualize the periodic trends.
  • The certain period could be days, months or years, etc.


Combo Chart
  • A combo chart is the combination of two or more charts.
  • This is used to highlight the different types of information.


Surface Chart
  • A surface chart is used for an optimum combination of data between two kinds of data points.


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