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How to Create Admin & Client App in One Project Using Android Studio?

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You all must know about projects in which two applications are required one for the client and the other for the admin. Here we will see how we can implement both the applications under a single project in android studio. Let us see the step-by-step implementation of this procedure.

Step by Step Implementation

Step 1. Create a new project

  • Open a new project.
  • You can change the name of the project at your convenience.
  • This app which will be made through this project is by default a client app.
  • There will be two default files named activity_main.xml and

If you don’t know how to create a new project in Android Studio then you can refer to How to Create/Start a New Project in Android Studio?  

Step 2. Let us make an admin app

Follow the path File > New > New Module.

Now name it as Admin_app and select the type of activity you want for this app according to your need and then finish.

Step 3. Now you can see that the main activity of the admin app will also be appearing in the files.

Step 4. Now both the apps are ready to work and you can also run each of these applications separately.

To run the client app that is the GFG app. Click on the app as shown below and then run the application.

The output of client application(GFG)

To run the admin app. Click on the app as shown below and then run the application.

The output of admin application

Step 5. To generate separate Apk’s for client and admin app

Follow the path shown below.

Select APK and click on next.

Select the apk which you want to build either client or admin and click on next.

Hence, we saw how we can create admin as well client applications under a single project, to work and run them separately and then also build separate APK’s for them.

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Last Updated : 20 Feb, 2022
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