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How to create a To-Do list using Drag and Drop in Angular 7 ?

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 May, 2020
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We can easily create a To-Do list using Drag-Drop module provided by angular Component Development Kit (CDK).

First of all, create an angular component by using the following command-

 ng g c To-Do 

Now import CdkDragDrop, moveItemInArray, transferArrayItem from @angular/cdk/drag-drop to our to-Do component,

Writing the code for component view:
Create two divisions, one for the items that are TO BE DONE and other for items that are COMPLETED.
These are some of theparameters:

  1. cdkDropList: It lets the division know that it is a drop container
  2. cdkDropListData: It binds the data to the view
  3. cdkDropListConnectedTo: It gets the id of another drop container that the current division is connected to
  4. cdkDropListDropped: After dragging the items, the data model has to be updated. For that, we can listen to this event
  5. cdkDrag: it specifies that the item can be dragged


<!-- container for both list  -->
  <h1>To do</h1>
<!-- To-Do list  -->
    <div *ngFor="let item of todo" cdkDrag>{{item}}</div>
<!-- Done list  -->
    <div *ngFor="let item of done" cdkDrag>{{item}}</div>

Now write the code for listening the event and adding the data.
Here we used a hardcoded list but you can always take input by using ngmodel directive. There are
two possibilities:

  1. Item is dragged to the same container: Use moveItemInArray to move it in the same container
  2. Item is dragged to another container: Use transferArrayItem to move to another container

export class To-Do {
// hardcoded lists
  todo = [
    'Go to gym',
    'Eat lunch',
    'Take a nap',
    'Physics syllabus'
  done = [
    'Coding practice',
    'Maths syllabus',
    'English syllabus'
//function for listening to the event
  drag(event: CdkDragDrop<string[]>) {
//if movement if within the same container
    if (event.previousContainer === event.container) {
      moveItemInArray(, event.previousIndex, event.currentIndex);
//if movement if to other containers
    else {

Output: successful Dragging of ‘Eat lunch’ from To do list to done list.

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