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How to create a System Restore point in Windows 10 ?

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  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2022
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A System Restore is a backup of a system configuration settings of the Windows Operating System, that helps the system recover to an earlier date than when the System Restore was made. This reverts all the settings as they were when the restore point was made. Therefore, could be used to recover from an unstable or malfunctioning Operating System. In this article, you will learn how to create a System Restore point on Windows 10. 

How to create a Restore Point?

Step 1: Open the start menu by pressing the [Win] key or clicking the bottom left section of the desktop.



Step 2: Type “restore” in the search box:


Step 3: Select the Create a Restore Point option from the menu come after following the previous step.


Step 4: A new window would have appeared looking similar to this:


Step 5: Now select the drive for which you are wanting to create a restore point, and then click on Create


Step 6: A new dialog box would have appeared, seeking the name you are wanting to give to that restore point


Step 7: Enter the name of the restore point (I have named it as the date this was performed) and Press the Create button.


Step 8: The process of Restore Point creation has now begun. 


After the process has completed the user would be informed using the following message


NOTE: This restore point is used to revert windows settings (some) back to what they were when the restore point was created. A Restore point only saves the settings (unlike backup where the settings and files both are saved) for the OS, and does not includes the files/folder within. Therefore upon restoring, only the settings would be reverted. It is advised to create system restore point every once in a while, to ensure your Operating System can recover from failures in the future.

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