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How to Create a Secure Folder on Your Phone?

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Most probably, there is a maximum number of users who have some private documents. Some have provided images or videos that are completely confidential. Users are most likely to create a password or use their biometrics to open their mobiles. However, there is no security to their confidential documents. If a device is stolen by any individual, they will have access to their confidential documents. As breaking the device lock is quite easy for thieves nowadays. So, users need to have a more secure instrument to keep their confidential documents safe.

The secure folder is similar to that. The secure folder is a type of folder that can be opened by passwords, patterns, or biometrics. They are completely different from the mobile password. The documents and photos stored in the secure folder can only be accessible from that secure folder only. They act like the vault in the bank. There we can store some confidential documents of users. Sometimes, some very powerful secure folders can find out the abnormalities while opening the folder. If they find any such threat, they have the ability to simply remove the confidential files that are stored there. So, there is some importance of the secure folder in our daily life.

Creating Secure Folder On Smartphone:

Method 1: Using Applications From The Internet

Currently, only special brand smartphones have the feature to open a secure folder. They have the settings option to create a secure folder there. But maybe there are many users who don’t have smartphones of that particular brand. Also, the smartphone’s price might be an issue for the users to go for it. So, here’s a way to open a secure folder in every smartphone as demonstrated. This process can be used on any smartphone. This method doesn’t depend upon the version of the smartphone. This method will be applicable to both old & new versions of smartphones.

Step 1: First, the user needs to open the Google Play Store. From there, they need to install the below-mentioned application. This application is used as the Secure Folder in a smartphone. This will act as a vault inside the mobile. After installing the application, you need to click on Open to start the application.

Note: On the Google Play Store, there are some other applications that are present. Those applications play the same role. As per the user’s choice, they can go for any application. There will be no harm if they go for other applications there.


Step 2: It will take a little time to start the application. 


Step 3: Now, the application will ask for permission. This application needs to take permission from the user. As this application will store confidential data inside of it. So, it is necessary to provide permission. You will need to click on Allow Permission.


Step 4: Now, we need to provide a 4-Digit passcode there. You always have to always remember this passcode. After providing the passcode, you need to click on the Right sign in there.


Step 5: Now, users need to click on the Get Started option. This helps to start the application after making all those configurations. You need to click here.


Step 6: The application will now open. There we will find a lot of options. From there, as per the user’s choice, they can add any document there. They just need to click over the type of document. The documents will then be added over there.

Note: This application also provides a feature to browse private data. Browsing from this application isn’t listed in the application history. Also, there are some more features present with this application. Users can easily check those features inside the application. They can roam around the application to find out more features.


Hence, we have successfully created a Secure Folder on a smartphone using one downloaded application.

Method 2: Using In-Build Application

Step 1: At first, users need to open the settings of the smartphone. Then they need to scroll down & find out the Privacy option from the settings. From there they need to click on it. This will help us find the needed option.

Note: If the user has the latest smartphone. Or the user is using a smartphone that is older than a year. Then there should be an in-build application provided to secure the confidential documents. Maximum smartphones, which were launched in 2021 have the feature of a secure folder. It is always advisable to go for the in-built application for this purpose. If a user’s smartphone has this in-built facility, then the user should follow that. There is no need to install a different application for the same purpose.


Step 2: After that, they will find the option File Safe box. It is similar to a secure folder. Users need to click on that to use that thing.

Note: For different smartphone brands, they have provided different synonyms for the Secure Folder. In this case, this particular brand has provided the name File Safebox. Similarly, there might be some different terms in users’ smartphones. In those cases, users need to apply their common sense to find the proper option. It will be quite an easy task to find the proper option. The secure folder option will always be under the Privacy option of smartphones.


Step 3: Now, users need to provide the password or fingerprint there. This means users need to provide the security type that they have set while opening the smartphone.

Step 4: There, users will find a lot of options to store different types of data. As per their choice, they can add those things. They just need to click on a particular type of document & add that thing over there.


Hence, we have successfully used a Secure Folder on a smartphone by using an in-built application.

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Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2022
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