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How to Crack Excel File Password?

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Excel sheets are the most important method to share data with others. Like other Microsoft Office products, it is also widely used by many users throughout the globe. MS Word and MS PowerPoint are used by a lot of users in the world. Along with that, Excel sheets are also used for making tables. This application also manipulates table-structured data. Users can insert the data there. Using the row & column of the Excel sheet, the user is able to easily play with the data. It helps to simplify the process. Sometimes, the Excel sheet is password protected. This means the Excel sheet can’t be modified by any other person. The Excel sheet may be shared throughout the globe. But the people who have the password can only modify that. This is known as proctoring of the Excel sheet. There is likely no way to break the password provided there. Only the proper password will help to open the Excel sheet for editing purposes. But there is a way to open the Excel sheet without using the password.

Crack Excel Files:

Method 1: Transforming From Excel To PDF & Vice-Versa

Step 1: First, users need to browse this link. It is a tool that converts an Excel file to a PDF file. Users will need to click on the Select Excel Files option to select the file from the machine. The file should be the same file where the sheet is password-protected.

Note: There are other similar types of tools present on the internet. It completely depends upon the user to choose the specific tool for them. It is not mandatory to go for this tool only. This tool is being used for demonstration purposes. Users can decide on different tools as per their choice.


Step 2: Now, after selecting the Excel file, users need to click on the Convert To PDF button. This will convert the Excel file to the PDF version. It will take some time for the conversation.


Step 3: After successfully converting the file to a PDF version, users need to download the PDF into the machine. By clicking on the button, users can download the PDF.


Step 4: Now, we have successfully downloaded the PDF version of the password-protected Excel file.


Step 5: Now, we need to change the downloaded PDF file to an Excel file. For that purpose, you can browse this link. This link is being used to convert the PDF files to Excel files. Users will need to click on the button to select the downloaded PDF file.


Step 6: After adding the PDF file there, users need to click on the Convert To Excel option. There, we don’t have to make any changes. There will be a few more options. We are not interested in those options. The conversation will take some time. Users need to wait until the process is completed.


Step 7: Now, the Excel sheet is ready to download. Users need to download this Excel sheet. Users need to click on the Download Excel button to download the file.


The downloaded Excel sheet is now in editable format. There are no passwords, it is needed to edit the file. Hence, we have successfully cracked the Excel file password by transforming Excel File to PDF and vice-versa.

Method 2: Using The Zip Method

Step 1: First, users need to take the protected Excel file. Then they need to rename the file. While renaming the file, users need to provide a .zip at the end of the file name. This will help to convert the Excel file to a zip file. After renaming the file, users need to press Enter.


Step 2: Now, we need to extract the zip file. Users need to create a newly extracted folder. This will help to execute further steps.

Step 3: Now, inside the extracted folder, there will be some more folders. Users need to enter inside the XL folder.


Step 4: Inside the XL folder, there will be a few more folders. Now, users need to click on the worksheets folder. Users need to double-click to enter inside it.


Step 5: There will be the sheets present in the XML format. As in this case, there is only one sheet present inside the Excel file, we need to open that. Users need to open the password-protected sheet only. They need to open the XML file using the Word pad.


Step 6: Now, users need to find out the word Protection. Users can use the search button to find out the proper sentence. Now, users need to remove the total sentence where the Protection word is present. They have to select the total line & remove that part. After that, users need to save the XML file.


Step 7: Now, users need to go back to the first folder again. This is the same folder where the XL folder was located. Now, users need to create a zip file with the help of all these folders. They just need to select all the files & create a zip file.


Step 8: Now, while creating the zip file, users need to rename the file again. Now, instead of the .zip, user will provide a .xls format. This allows the conversation from zip to excel.


The new Excel sheet is in editable format. There are no passwords, it is needed to edit the file. Hence, we have successfully cracked the Excel file password using the zip method.

Note: This article is only for educational purposes.

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Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2023
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