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How to Configure the Eclipse with Apache Hadoop?

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2021
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Eclipse is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that helps to create and build an application as per our requirement. And Hadoop is used for storing and processing big data. And if you have requirements to configure eclipse with Hadoop then you can follow this section step by step. Here, we will discuss 8 steps in which you will see the download, installation, and configuration part of an eclipse and will see how you can configure the Hadoop while installing and configuring an eclipse.

Step 1: Download and Install Eclipse IDE

It is the most popular IDE for developing java applications. It is easy to use and powerful IDE that is the reason behind the trust of many programmers. It can be downloaded from the given link below as follows.                   

Download and Install Eclipse IDE

You will get a file named eclipse-committers-photon-R-linux-gtk.tar.gz.

 file named eclipse-committers-photon-R-linux-gtk.tar.gz

We need to extract it using the command tar –zxvf eclipse-committers-photon-R-linux-gtk.tar.gz

Step 2: Move the eclipse folder to the home directory

In this step, you can see how to move the eclipse folder to the home directory. You can check the screenshot for your reference.

 Move the eclipse folder to the home directory

Step 3: Open Eclipse

Now, in this step, you can see the eclipse icon once you will successfully download and extract it to the required folder. And double click to open. You can see the screenshot for your reference.

Open Eclipse

Step 4: Execute Eclipse

Now choose a workspace directory and then click LAUNCH.

Execute Eclipse

Step 5: Download required files 

  • Hadoop-core-1.2.1.jar
  • commons-cli-1.2.jar

Step 6: Creating Java Project

Create a java project in the package explorer.  

file—>new—>java project—>finish 
right click—>new—>package—>finish 
right click on package—>new—>class_name

Step 7: Adding Reference libraries

 Now add the following reference libraries as follows. First, we need to go to build path –>configure build path –> configure build path

Adding Reference libraries

Step 8: Adding .jar Files

Click on add external jars and browse to the folder where the files are downloaded and click open and select these two files i.e. hadoop-core-1.2.1.jar , commons-cli-1.2.jar.

Adding .jar Files

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