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How to Change Chart Style in Excel?

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  • Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2022

Chart style is used to easily add a certain set of styles such as colors, patterns for data representation, legends, axis title, chart title etc. We add these styles to enhance the visualization of charts and also, it will help for data analysis. One of the best way to add or remove the style properties to/from the chart is to use built-in layouts provided by excel.

Changing Chart Style in Excel

In this example, we will create a chart and change its style. For this, we will be using the random sales data for different courses.

Step By Step Implementation

Step 1: Create Dataset

In this step, we will be creating the dataset using the following random sales data for different courses.


Fig 1 – Dataset

Step 2: Insert Chart

Now, we will be inserting the chart for our dataset. In order to do this, we need to Select Data > Insert > Charts > Bar Chart



By doing this, Excel will automatically insert a bar chart for our dataset.


Fig 3 – Bar Chart

Step 3: Changing Chart Style

In this step, we will format the chart styles. For this we will be using the built-in excel chart designs. For this Select Chart > Chart Design > Chart Style.



We can also change the style from the Chart Style icon beside the chart as shown below in the diagram.



We will choose the style of chart according to our own requirements. (You can select your own chart style and design). We will be using the following design for our bar chart.



Once we are done with the chart design, we can also change the chart color.



Step 4: Formatting Chart

In this step, we will format the chart. This will enhance our chart and also provide information that will help to analyze the chart easily.

  • Adding Chart Title

In order to add a title to the chart, double-click on the Chart Title view and, add whatever title you want.



  • Adding Axis

In order to add an axis, we need to click on the plus(+) button beside the chart and check the axis titles checkbox and add the axis name.



Step 5: Output



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