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How to Burn a CD in Linux?

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  • Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2022
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Burning a CD on Linux is a very important function. Compact Disks (CDs) are the most significant devices. before the era of USB & pen drives, they are the only way to share large files over the machines. It was similar to the pen drives. Like in the pen drive, the user can copy the necessary items. And then, he can paste them into the other machine. It was a simple concept to execute. Also, a CD helps a lot to entertain the user. While going on a journey, the user can burn a CD with the audio songs. The only drawback was the space capacity. the storage capacity of the CDs was very low. That was the reason behind the appearance of the pen drives.


For burning a CD on Linux, we need to take the help of particular software. It helps to paste the songs or flies to the particular CD which is being installed there. Brasero is the software that is used widely for this purpose. Nowadays, this software is available with the Linux operating system. Users will use this software for burning a CD. If this software is not present in the machine, then the user needs to install it into the machine, before operating.

Burning CD On Linux:

  • Step 1: At first, we need to insert a blank CD into the machine. In that CD, we need to perform the burning operation.
  • Step 2: Then we have to open the Brasero software. There will be a lot of options to create a new project. There we need to click on the first option to create an audio project.


  • Step 3: Then the new window will open in front of the user. On the left-hand side of the user, in the topmost corner, there will be a green add sign. Users need to click on that sing to add their favorite songs. So, the user needs to click on it.


  • Step 4: After adding their favorite songs, users will be redirected to the same window. Now, on the same window, there is another option present. On the right-hand side of the window, at the lowermost corner, there is a Burn option present. Users need to click on it to burn the CD with the audio.


  • Step 5: Then a new window will open. In that window, there are proper options already marked there. Users need to only click on the Burn option present in that window.

Note: It is advisable not to make any changes in the window. It may create an error while burning the CD. If appropriate options are not being chosen by the users, then the software can also be get hampered. So, it is advisable to go only with the default options present there. That will not create any problems for burning the CD. If users want to change, they have to change it wisely & carefully. 


  • Step 6: Then the CD starts burning. It is a multi-stage process. And it will take a long time. First, it will start the initial configuration of the CD.


  • Step 7: After the above step, the CD will start to copy the audio details to the CD. It will take some time to complete the step.


  • Step 8: After that, it will start copying the audio to the CD. As per the number of audio, it will take that much time. Users need to wait, till the process is completed.


  • Step 9: At last, it will take some time to finalize the operation. It will take a few seconds time to complete.


  • Step 10: Now, after successfully performing the operation, there will be a window open in front of the user. The window will provide the message that the burning of the CD is successful. Then the user should click on the Close button to complete the process.


  • Step 11: Now, the user can safely remove the CD from the machine. As the process is completed, the removal of the CD will not create any problems.
  • Step 12: Now, the user can again insert the CD into the machine. Then the user can see the files which they have copied to the CD.


Hence, we have successfully burned the CD in the Linux environment.

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