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How to become a DBA?

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  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2021
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In this age of technological advancement, Data is considered to be the new oil.  With this, there is an increase in the necessity of people who can manage this data. This is where comes the need of people like Database Administrators of DBAs.

Database Administrator :
A database administrator is a person behind storage, retrieval, manipulation of all the data present in any company. Such a person works with the different database management systems to secure the data and access it in times of need. As we all know, how the core of a company is its data, be it transaction data, share market, or a simple thing like employee’s data. Everything revolves around data. Thus, a person with a Queer Eye must handle this.  

Steps to become Database Administrator :
If you are also looking to start your career in the field of database administration, keep reading this article to know step by step how to achieve this goal.

Step-1: Role of DBA – 
You should be aware of the role of DBA in the company. There are 3 types of DBAs in any company, these are as follows.

  • System DBA :
    They focus on the physical requirements of the database like backing up the data, focusing on disaster recovery, maintaining the database, etc.
  • Development DBAs :
    These work on the development aspect of the data and work on SQL and DDL(Data Definition Language).
  • Application DBAs :
    These people work on the third-party application that interacts with your database. Their job is to update the databases and install new software upgrades.

Step-2: Skills Required – 
The skills required to be a DBA as follows.

  • Be it any type of DBA in the company, some basic skills are common and are expected from a person who is applying to this job.
  • These include the knowledge of data security, SQL (Structured Query Language), Python, database management, backup and recovery of data, ERP & business knowledge.

Step-3: Beginning point –
In this, you will see that where should you begin the learning which will be very helpful to become the DBAs. Let’s discuss it one by one.

  • In the world of data, knowledge of different DBMSs is kept at the top priority. That is where the managing and storing of all is required. Be it any software, the knowledge of SQL is of paramount importance.
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) was designed to manage data in an RDBMS(Relational Database Management System). It is used for performing the different CRED operations — creation deletion and manipulation of rows and columns used to access particular required data from a large database. It plays a vital role when database management comes into the picture.
  • Therefore, you must start learning the basics of SQL and build your way up to more complex functionalities. After gaining knowledge of SQL, it is important to study the way interviewers ask questions on SQL and different database concepts. For interview, you can prepare the SQL queries from any good resource available.

Step-4: Keeping yourself updated –
You must have the knowledge of updating technologies and keep yourself update with the future technologies and be ready to learn. In the world of DBMS, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, Fox Pro are some big names. Almost all industries rely on one or the other of this software. Therefore, it will be beneficial if you are aware of this software for a good and steady start.

Step-5: Automation –
Many times you will hear things like, with the introduction of automation the need for DBAs will wipe out or at least get reduced. Pay no heed to those advices. Automation is a helping hand to the DBAs. It becomes a very monotonous and tedious job to over go the same things again and again. This where automation software like Think Automation comes in handy in such situations to handle repetitive tasks. So, with the introduction of automation, it is now important that a DBA should know about automation too. This is because automation will make the job of a DBA faster and easier. Hence, we can say that automation software replacing a DBA is a myth.  

Note – 
Whatever language or skill you decide to learn. Try to learn from reliable sources and certification would be a great add-on. It is also important that you must work on some real-time projects that you can show to the interviewer. This drastically increases the chance of you getting hired.

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