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How to Animate a Sunset using Flash?

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Flash is a liveliness program that was started in 1996 and a new interpretation is freed in 2021. It fits various functionalities like disguising, character seeking, edge-coexist, motion and shape tweening, etc. The animations forged in this software are zoom level independent alternatively pixel animations that can only be zoomed to a specific level. It provides an inbuilt camera that is used to record the animations and different formats in which animations can be exported.

Animating a Sunset

Sunset animation is a very useful animation project which is used in many projects, it is easy to make and is really appealing, for this we will create different layers and animate them to give a sunset look, the method is easy to follow so let’s start. Follow the following steps to animate the sunset view.

Step 1: Open a new project in Adobe Flash.


Step 2: Rename the layer as Sky and draw a rectangle on the stage.


Step 3: Add a new layer using the Add layer button on the timeline and name it Grass.


Step 4: Draw one more rectangle on the grass and fill it with green color.


Step 5: Add one more layer and name it Sun.


Step 6: Draw a circle on the stage using the Oval tool by holding the shift key.


Step 7: Now select the sun and convert it into a symbol.


Step 8: Add a keyframe at frame 60.


Step 9: Switch to the outline layer by pressing the outline square on the Grass layer.


Step 10: Change the position of the sun on the last frame.


Step 11: Now change the color of the sky to a darker shade.


Step 12: Come out of the outline mode from the grass layer by pressing the outline square again.


Step 13: Select a middle frame and apply classic tween to the sun.


Step 14: Select a middle frame on the sky layer and apply shape tween.


Step 15: Press the run button to see the animation.


Congratulations your sunset animation is ready now you can press Ctrl + Enter to see the final output of the animation.

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Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2022
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