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How to Animate a Christmas Tree using Flash?

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  • Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2022
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Flash is a very old software but it is still used by many animators due to its special features and effectiveness, it does not require high graphics or processors like the new versions. It is really easy to use and the quality of animations it produces is remarkable.

Animating Lights of Christmas tree

Lights animation is easy as it requires only two keyframes one is without glow and one is with glow, so we don’t have to draw anything frame by frame, we will need a vector image of a tree and some decorating materials like stars, pops, sticks, hats, etc to decorate the tree to give realistic touch. Steps for making animated lights in the Christmas tree are:

Step 1: Open Adobe flash and create a new project.

Step 2: Import an image of a Christmas tree on the stage or you can create your own Christmas tree.


Step 3: Import the image of decorating elements like stars lamps etc on a separate layer.


Step 4: Rename the layers as Tree and Decorations.


Step 5: Place the decorations over the tree.


Step 6: Add a new layer and name it Lightning, make a circle and fill it with golden color, make another circle and fill it with custom colors.


Step 7: Convert these to symbols.


Step 8: Make multiple copies of these and place them in a spiral manner over the tree.


Step 9: Enter in one light symbol by double-clicking and add a keyframe at frame 5 by pressing F6.


Step 10: On the right side, there is a filter panel that uses a glow and blur filter to give more brightness to light.


Step 11: Now double click to come outside to the main stage and select the other light which is not glowing and enter into that symbol.


Step 12: In this also insert a keyframe at frame 5 and change the light from dull to glow.


Step 13: Double click to come to the main stage and change the stage color to blue.


Step 14: Insert a frame at frame 120 at all layers.


Step 15: Now to run the animation click on the run button.


Here is the output video of the animation.

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