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How React Native Make Mobile App Development Simpler?

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  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2020

Developed by Facebook, React Native is a framework for building native apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript. So if you know JavaScript, you can use your JavaScript skills to build real native apps for iOS and Android. These apps are truly native, so they are not web apps that look like a mobile app. With React Native, you don’t need to know iOS or Android programming unless you want to build a really complex app and you need to talk directly with a native API of this platform. For the most part, you don’t need to do that. You can write pretty much all of your application code in JavaScript and share it across iOS and Android. 

How React Native Make Mobile App Development Simpler?

Companies these days prefer to build their apps using React Native because they don’t need to hire two separate teams of developers maintaining two different code bases- one for iOS written in Swift and Objective-C and the other for Android in Java and Kotlin. One of the common misconceptions about React Native is that you can not use it to build any serious app. If you believe that the only way to build any serious app is by using native languages and tools then you’re wrong. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, Uber Eats all these apps are built with React Native. 

How React Native Technology Makes Development Simpler?

React Native comes along with lots of features and these features help you understand different aspects related to this framework.  In this blog, we will discuss some of its common features that will certainly convince you in getting this technology into consideration. With the help of this technology, developers are able to create one set of coding with the use of JavaScript technology and this exclusively enhances the performance of the respective native application. These features make development easier for developers. 

Take a look at different features that will explain why React Native stands tall when it comes to developing a native or hybrid application for your business needs.

  1. Cross-Platform
  2. Performance
  3. Reusability
  4. Maintainability

1. Cross-Platform

React Native framework was basically developed for providing support for the iOS application. But the popularity and success of it allowed Facebook to extend its attribute and provide support to even Android applications as well. 

So, this framework is perfect for the development of both Android and IOS applications and the best part is it can be done simultaneously with the use of one codebase at all. So, not only saves time but also cuts down the development costs quite excessively while hiring mobile application development services.

2. Performance

It has been seen that mobile web applications that function on both Android and IOS platforms have flack when it comes to being lesser than the regular application. But, now when it comes to performance you will certainly be benefited quite big time when you consider using React Native technology for the development service. 

Yes, applications that are developed with the help of React Native technology are compiled with the use of natively written code. This means they are easily operated in both the operating systems and functions the same way as a native application. So, this shows how React Native plays a huge role in helping developers build applications that can perform exceptionally well in both the operating systems.

3. Reusability  

Reusability is also a very important aspect related to React Native technology. You can hire app developers who can help you have your applications developed with the help of React Native technology because of the reusability attribute. The building blocks are usually considered as a native element that can be directly compiled into the native language for IOS and Android platforms. 

You might have seen that regular web development service providers generally use a more rapid and agile approach. But when it comes to getting the application developed with React Native technology, you will be getting the same speed for the mobile development needs and that too without any kind of sacrifice at all with the standard and usability of the application.

4. Maintainability  

React Native Technology uses JavaScript quite heavily and this is exclusively infused with the intuitive structure of the respective framework of as it helps engineers around the world to work upon different projects without any kind of complications that all. Yes, mobile application developers can jump from one project to another without having any kind of trouble at all which allows them to get their needs covered at the quickest possible time and that too without any sacrifice at all. 

If you have a specific application written in native technology, you can get it combined with the native language of Android or iOS without any kind of trouble at all with the help of this framework.  

When it comes to working according to a traditional way then, mobile app developers need to write code for both IOS and Android separately But, with the help of React Native technology, it becomes very easy as the codes will be optimized to native languages of the respective operating system and deliver the goods as specified. 

It is completely up to the React Native application developer that how the person wants to get the application developed. Not only the person can use native languages as per the given operating system to get the application-optimized but the developer can also use it to write as per the different parts of the application. 

Another reason why there are a number of Android and iOS app developers using React Native technology as it helps them track changes in real-time while working upon the development process. This makes it much easier for them to make their application effective and intuitive.

Wrapping Up  

So, this shows how it makes life easier for developers around the world to have their applications developed in a much simpler way with the use of React Native technology. 

It helps them with the benefit of lower cost, easy maintenance, quick transition, and faster deployment. So, if you hire React Native developers, it certainly brings in the speed of web development into the world of the mobile application development process. It also enhances efficiency and reduces the workload quite convincingly making the entire process easy and simple for developers around the world. 

This shows how one can boost productivity by going ahead with React Native technology and help themselves have a mobile application developed not only in the quickest span of the time period but also matching with the latest trends and standards.

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