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How Human Activities have affected the depletion of Flora and Fauna?

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  • Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2022

The depletion of flora and fauna is a result of both natural and human made causes over a course of time. Continuous exploitation and insensitivity of humans towards the biodiversity has led to the adversities, that some of the flora and fauna are also in verge of extinction. A few human exercises have impacted the exhaustion of vegetation and has prompted decrease in India’s biodiversity. The primary elements answerable for this harm are:

Natural surroundings obliteration, for the most part because of overpopulation prompting extension of farming, mining, industrialization and urbanization and ensuing clearing out of huge timberland regions. This has effected the environment immensely, leading to misbalances in different regions.

Hunting and poaching and unlawful exchange of creature skin, tusk, bones, teeth, horns, and so forth have lead numerous species to the edge of eradication. Hunting for pleasure and show of power, has been a sport since ancient times, which has effected the fauna immensely, leading to even extinction. Actions have been taken by government to condemn such activities, however even today illegally it still persists. 

Natural contamination, harming of water bodies because of release of modern effluents, synthetics, squanders, and so on prompting creature passing. The increase of industrialization and urbanization has resulted in serious damage to the environment and biodiversity, especially non-renewable forms of resources.

Timberland fires frequently incited by moving, development , clearing out significant woods and untamed life. Expansion of railways, commercial and scientific forestry leads to depletion. Deforestation in the tribal belts due to shifting cultivation has led to  depletion of biodiversity in the areas. Large scale river developmental projects, as that in Narmada has led to huge scale effect on the biodiversity in the areas.

Mining activities causes deforestation, like Buxa Tiger Reserve of West Bengal. It disturbs natural habitat of species and blocked migration routes of other species.

Grazing of animals and overconsumption and unequal access of resources also leads to depletion. Continuous increase in population, results in more need for food, shelter etc. for which forests lands are utilized, causes environmental destruction. Natural obliteration because of inconsistent access, discriminatory utilization of assets and differential sharing of responsibilities regarding ecological prosperity are additionally answerable for the consumption of verdure.

The depletion of flora and fauna has affected the communities who depend on forests to a great extend. It has resulted in both natural and human catastrophe. A cycle of natural and man made disasters, ultimately leading to poverty has become the line of progression.

Sample Questions

Question 1: What is biodiversity? For what reason is biodiversity significant for living souls?


  • All the species on this Earth are living in a framework having different organizations of interdependencies. Biodiversity is the variety of natural life and developed species in a given biological system. In this interconnected web, every life form is a maker, buyer or decomposer.
  • Individuals additionally rely upon a few biotic and abiotic factors for their endurance like they get food from plants and creatures. They are reliant upon numerous different species to maintain their business and ventures.

Question 2: How have human exercises impacted the exhaustion of vegetation?


Human exercises impacted the exhaustion of widely varied vegetation are:

  • Hunting creatures for their skin, tusk, bone teeth and horns and so on, drove numerous species to the edge of annihilation.
  • Human exercises, for example, deforestation, lodging plans, plants framework, business, logical ranger service, mining and so on are to be faulted for the consumption of greenery.
  • Different dam and stream valley projects brought about a decay of woodland cover.
  • Expanding natural contamination and woods fires because of an unnatural weather change brought about consumption of significant woodland and untamed life.
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