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How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Web Development?

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Web Development is that comprehensive task that is done by web developers, UX designers, etc. behind the scenes to make a fast, secure, and engaging website. But such a development isn’t complete if its potential isn’t able to interact with the customers seamlessly interested in purchasing the products online from your websites. And at this point, you need that technology which not only finds the best practices that may enhance the appearance of your websites but also helps the customers a lot in accurately fulfilling their purchasing requirements.


The name of that technology whose market size may grow up to $118.6 billion till 2025 (as per Usability Geek) is AI or Artificial Intelligence. After it gets well with a variety of web development tasks, it will be feasible for the organizations or other energetic entrepreneurs to present on the table many personalized ways for the customers to do shopping online either by tracking their search histories or helping them find the product just by speaking about it (i.e. Voice-based search feature).

In fact, this trend of mixing AI with Web Development had begun in 2011 with Siri whose capabilities were then integrated with iPhone 4S for smartly assisting the customers by recommending them the products in accordance with their voice-based searches. And after that, the trend continued with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana because the users really liked the way they (i.e. Alex, Siri, Google Assistant) have simplified the process of online shopping. Curious to know how can AI revolutionize or impact website design or development? Take a look at these few below-mentioned ways clearly explaining in short the benefits of Artificially Intelligent solutions for reforming the needs of web development and also, enhancing user experience to attract users more for visiting your website.

1. Artificial Intelligence For Better Website Ranking  

Website Ranking depends on various ranking factors which one can’t ignore while maintaining or creating websites. Such creation and maintenance (of web pages) your website requires is nothing but web development that Artificial Intelligence notes down well so that your website appears in the top results of the first page of search engines like Google, etc. 

Meditating what AI can do so that your website ranking scales up!! See, through AI SEO tools like:-

  • WordFit
  • Page Optimizer Pro
  • Can I Rank
  • Morphio AI, and many more,

You can’t only discover gaps in your existing content but also perform various activities of data analysis (like on-page and off-page). All this will help you directly or indirectly in creating effective and efficient SEO strategies not bound to a time period of 2 to 3 months for ranking your websites in the top results of the search engine’s first page. 

So, the overall benefit for us will be that website ranking won’t be troublesome from now onwards since AI SEO tools are actively identifying opportunities and implementing them so that the relationships amongst websites, their content pages, and obviously their individual rankings on any of the prevalent search engines like Google are analyzed well for producing actionable and automated SEO-based results not affected negatively by the unnecessary stuffing of keywords and poor link-building strategies unable to boost the traffic of any of the web-pages of your websites.     

2. AI-based Frameworks For Managing Product Recommendations   

Product Recommendations are really important and you mustn’t be taking a step back while attaching their capabilities with your websites already developed or are currently developing. The most obvious reason – such recommendations are hyper-active in telling users which products they should choose as per their requirements and budget!! 

And if you still are not able to decide what product (available on many eCommerce platforms) to select, even then there is no need to take stress since applications like:- 

  • Amazon
  • Netflix

will be assisting you by tracking the history of your watchlists tailored well with different types of searches. Curious to know how they manage such recommendations? 

With the help of AI-based frameworks marking the availability of these applications, they will be filtering out the choices (of products) in accordance with your budget and likings thereby creating excellent and satisfactory experiences of purchasing the products following the commands of your search history. What else is now required for business owners, web developers, and you to make the best out of these applications revolving around easy-to-adopt AI-based frameworks which if used well can increase the number of recommendations without negatively impacting the individual choices of purchasing the products in accordance with the trending or readily-available recommendations?  

3. Deep Learning Will Optimize UIs  

UIs or User-Interfaces are spaces where a user and a system (here the system is a website) interact. When it comes to optimizing user interfaces, Artificial Intelligence excels through DL or Deep Learning algorithms. This is because these algorithms with minimal supervision take care of the decisions related to website designs and the development activities associated. You may now ponder how these algorithms are actively optimizing user interfaces intuitively!! To know better, take a look at the points mentioned below: –

  • A DL algorithm first observes sincerely the existing pages of the websites managed and monitored by your team or you. Then, it applies later on-time various design combinations to produce one which is both – attractive plus functional.
  • And since such algorithms are trainable, you can confidently demand customizations related to the UI design/designs and get that UI that is perfect for all your business activities and the personal preferences of the customers connected with you so far.

Even Wix and LinkedIn are entertaining such algorithms to give birth to new and improvised forms of User Interfaces for optimizing the profiles of Wix & LinkedIn users. Sooner or later, such optimized UIs will be providing a better browsing experience to the connected users at lower development plus the customer support costs. 

All you should be doing now is mimic the nature of LinkedIn & Wix for producing unique designs of user interfaces and achieve increased user engagement somewhere bound to visual representations lying on the digitally-controlled panels of such UIs optimized as per the adaptive principles of Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

4. Artificial Intelligence Knows Everything about Custom Web Development  

Custom Web Development is all about building a custom website without making compromises like choosing pre-defined template designs not being able to attract many users and also, going beyond your budget. Indeed, such sort of development is well-understood by Artificial Intelligence which is helping a lot of businesses pay attention to various programs/software effectively handling customizations (for the websites) demanded by their clients at variable timestamps. 

Whether it is about adding multiple web pages to help your target audience navigate them in accordance with their industry-specific or personal needs or applying the options of payments, podcasts, web journals, or articles as per the past search practices of your customer base, everything about customization can actually be implemented through the search algorithms running behind your customized web pages. 

Now, your clients, customers, or even you need not feel tense about delivering the right solution to the right customer and at the right time since custom web development actualized by AI is delivering content-based solutions to your users keeping in mind their past (or present) interests. 

5. Artificially Intelligent Chatbots will Change the Meaning of UX  

Chatbots, who are artificially intelligent in responding faster to the queries of users, have changed the meaning of UX in reality. You might now wonder how the meaning of UX i.e. User Experience is changed by these analytical chatbots!! Take a look at the below points: –

  • A chatbot after you activate it on your website tries to interact with the users (mostly online) with a thorough understanding of the current state of sentiments and requirements of the users via cognitive analysis.
  • Then, with the help of some supervised or unsupervised strategies of deep learning and machine learning, these chatbots try to analyze more the user’s past conversations.
  • And then, involve much with the creation of tailored conversations to get more clarity about the user’s requirements and how they may be answered three or five times faster with appropriate solutions in the form of suggestions or procedures.

With all this, such chatbots are able to help users and other ventures too as now on average, they are redefining the meaning of UX by not only serving the online users with services they require but also re-targeting them as per their search histories for driving more sales and also, assisting ventures with their lead generation processes somewhere cultivating more and more potential customers always looking for quality and pocket-friendly products and services associated.

6. Artificial Intelligence Will Empower Voice-Based Conversations  

Voice-based conversations are a direct escape for the users (including you) from the hustle of typing queries in the form of 8 to 15 words or many times a sentence. As per the voice search statistics of Google in 2021, more than 25% of the global population is nodding their heads towards voice-based searches on their smartphones. 

Does this statistics not encourage you to bring up voice-based searches for your websites or add this advanced voice-based feature to recognize the voice commands of your users which may be tech-lovers? 

If you really want to add this feature, then Artificial Intelligence will help you so that it is flexible to empower voice-based conversations occurring between your websites and users – just like the way Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri voice commands have done for remotely perceiving and then, responding to voice orders placed by the customers located at some corner of the world. All you should be doing now is utilizing the real-time solutions proposed by such voice-based searches and reshaping the meaning of virtual shopping for many customers. 

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Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2022
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