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Helpshift Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021(Virtual)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2021
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Helpshift visited my college for Campus Placements in the month of February for the role of Software Engineer. The job description for the profile was A Software Engineer with 0-2 years of experience. They have a solid foundation in computer science fundamentals. Developers at this level are able to deliver small to medium-sized well-defined tasks, working individually or pairing with others. They have a small amount of experience in a well-defined area which they would have learned by earning a Bachelor’s Degree or by doing an internship in a previous company.

  • Eligibility: B.Tech – COMPS / IT
  • Type (Full Time/Internship): Full Time

Placement Process:

  1. Company Presentation
  2. Online Test
  3. Technical Interview
  4. Technical Interview
  5. Managerial Interview

It was a 2-day process wherein the first day there was Pre Placement Talk followed by Online Test. The second day started with the technical interviews and completed with the Managerial Interviews.

The company Presentation was for about 45mins which was taken in Zoom Platform.

Round 1 (Online Test): The online test was held on the InterviewBit Platform. The test duration was 90mins. There were two sections and individual sections were not timed:

  1. Technical Aptitude: This section consisted of 10 Questions. The questions were on the basics of Computer Networking, Operating Systems, Algorithms, etc. The questions were based on basic concepts, but they were a bit hard to solve. The questions were taken from the InterviewBit platform only as I had solved some questions previously while doing placement preparation.
  2. Coding Questions: This section consisted of 4 Questions. One question was named Harshad Mehta Algorithm( The second question was named Candy to Kids( Another question was based on matrix manipulation.

A total of 73 students were registered out of which 16 were shortlisted for further interview rounds.

Round 2 (Technical Interview I): The duration of this interview was 45 to 50 minutes. The interview was conducted on Google Meet Platform. The interview started with a recent project I had done. There were follow-up questions on the Tech Stack of the project. Then the interviewer asked questions about Python and whenever I didn’t know an answer, so he would explain the answer to me, The Interviewer was very friendly.  Moving on, he asked questions on Data Structures. Linked list, Stack. All the standard questions of both the data structures like Reverse a Linked List and other approaches to solve this question. Linked List Insertion, Deletion, etc. Then he switched to Operating Systems and Computer Networking. After this, he asked some questions on DBMS like Indexes and all.  

So basically this round was based on Fundamental concepts of subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Management Systems, Operating systems, and Networking.

Pro Tip: Learn the basics of Unix OS. It is very necessary when interviewing for a Software Engineer role. The best book the interviewer suggested at the end of the Interview was The Design of the Unix Operating System.

Round 3 (Technical Interview II): The duration of this interview was 45 to 50 minutes. The interview was conducted on Google Meet Platform. The interviewer asked me to share my screen, and then she told me to write the code of the Fibonacci Series. Then she asked me to write the Recursion code for Fibonacci Series. Then she asked about Tail Recursion concept which I was not aware of. She explained it to me, and we brainstormed for some time as to how could it be implemented on Fibonacci Series. Afterward, she switched to DBMS and designed a hypothetical scenario which she connected to Database Indexes, and asked some questions about it. The interviewer was very friendly, and she was giving hints if I got stuck anywhere. They judge how much you are clear with the fundamental concepts.

So basically this round consisted of analytical thinking and general awareness of concepts.

Only 5 students got a call for the managerial round out of 16.

Round 4 (Managerial Interview): The duration of this interview was 30 minutes. The interview was conducted on Google Meet Platform. The interviewer asked questions based on my resume and some technical concepts like Functional Programming. They asked what I knew about the company and what they are doing. 

4 students got a final offer from Helpshift the same day. 

Do not try to give the answer if you are not aware simply you can tell them that you are not aware and be confident. BEST OF LUCK for your interviews.

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