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HDFC Limited Interview Experience for Internship

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  • Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2022
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One of the best interview experiences I’ve ever had was with HDFC Limited. The Interviewers were so polite and humble. However, the questions asked were tricky and tough, but there was no drilling as I’ve faced in other companies.

So, me and my best friend, I both received an email confirmation for an interview with HDFC Limited. Our interview was on the same day as well. We went to the Company together and were amazed by the infra, it was so beautiful. However, we both were tense because we were lined up with an interview in the same forte and one of us is going to get selected.

First was her chance, she went inside, (15 mins) and then my name was taken.

As soon as I entered the interview room, I asked for permission to come inside. Sir welcomed me and told me to have a seat. 

Below are the questions asked to me in the interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Directorship in a Listed Company
  3. Borrowings limit under Companies Act, 2013
  4. Related Party transactions under section 188 of the Act.
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility
  6. Latest amendments in the Act.
  7. General Meetings and Board Meetings provisions, etc.

First Round went well and Sir was very impressed by my responses because we had an interactive interview rather than a boring question-and-answer interview.

Me and my Best friend, I got selected for the Second and Final Round with the Head – Company Secretary of the Company. The second round was a few days after the first interview. Again me and my Best friend went together.

First, she went inside and she was inside for almost 20 minutes. As soon as she came outside, she was like it was very tough. I got scared but was patient and went inside with a smile. Sir told me to sit. Now, the Head – CS asked me a question she is your best friend right, what if we select her and not you? I was like, it’s alright Sir, you are in a better position to judge and you will take the best decision for the Company. He, then told, “YOU ARE SELECTED”!!! I was like, what?? Why??? and Sir replied that’s why in this? Aren’t you happy? I said it’s not like that Sir, I am just wondering Why me and not her. He told me there are no answers to some why. 

He appreciated me in the end and told me that I am suitable for the Company.

This was my best interview experience so far.

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