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HCL Interview Experience for Graduate Engineer Trainee (Off-Campus 2022) AWS Certified Role

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Since it was an off-campus opportunity, I did not require taking any online assessment test. It started with the F2F online technical interview directly. Here’s my experience:

Round 1: Technical Interview: I was informed that my interview was scheduled for 13th May 2022. Although the recruiter told me that the interview will be focused on Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Linux, and cloud computing, it turned out to be focused on AWS only. The interviewer was polite and asked me in-depth questions in AWS. The questions she asked me are:

  • Tell me about yourself. 
  • I had many AWS projects on my resume, so she asked me to discuss them in detail. 
  • What is serverless on AWS? 
  • What is Lambda? 
  • What is SageMaker? 
  • What is ‘fully-managed’ on AWS? 
  • What are the storage services on AWS? 
  • What do we use to archive data? 
  • What is tiering on AWS? 
  • What is versioning? 
  • What are Snowball and Snowmobile? 
  • What are relational and non-relational databases? 
  • What is load balancing? 
  • What are sticky sessions and cookies? 
  • What is the shared-responsibility model in AWS? 
  • Can you tell one security responsibility of the customers on AWS?

Round 2: HR Round: On 18th May, I got to know that I had cleared the technical interview. So, they scheduled my HR round that day itself. It was a discussion on salary, relocation, and signing bonds. And thereby, they told me that I was hired. Overall, it was a great experience interviewing with HCL. Although I am an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, the questions were trickier than the CCP level. Since I am preparing for the associate-level certifications, I could easily answer the interview questions.

Verdict: SELECTED! 

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Last Updated : 23 May, 2022
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