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Grofers Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2022
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This was an on-campus recruitment process.There were 4 rounds.
This was the CV shortlisting round.They didn’t disclose the shortlisting criteria.For full time hiring 30 CV were selected.My CV was also selected.

This was a puzzle round conducted on paper.We were given 4 puzzles and had to solve them in 15-15-15-5 minutes.
All the puzzles were standard puzzles and they are listed as follows.

a) A man walks on the edge of a regular pentagon.At any point he decides to move away from the pentagon at any angle.After walking a certain distance he turns back and points himself to the center of the pentagon.What is the probability he would be able to see three edges of the pentagon?(he is allowed to move in the plane of pentagon)

b)5 pirate and 100 gold coins-

c) 100 prisoners and red/blue hats

d) Make 4 equilateral triangles with 6 match sticks.

I was able to do all of them and got selected for next round.

Round:3 This was technical round
a) In 27 coins one coin is counterfeit what is the minimum number of waitings to find out the counterfeit coin(we don’t know whether the counterfiet coin is light or heavy then normal coins).
I solved it.

b) Tell me about B+ tree?
I wasn’t able to answer this question.

c) Being a student of Electronics engineering i was asked why do i want to change my stream from ECE to CS?
My interests mainly lie in computer engineering and have studied data structures and algorithms moreover the scope of computer science is more as compared to ECE.
This was the time the interviewer turned rude .This was the worst interview experience i have ever faced.I don’t know what happened but He was offensive and wasn’t speaking professionally. I told him whatever i could but he wasn’t ready to listen. I told him to ask more questions and give me opportunity to prove my worth but he said the interview is over.
I wasn’t selected.

They were hiring for software profile and their was no coding round instead their was a puzzle round.

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