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GRE | List of words to enhance your vocabulary with alphabet ‘M’

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Set-5 :
The list of 10 most common root words with alphabet ‘M’ with their meaning and examples is as follows:

No Root Meaning Examples Meaning
1 magn great magnificent splendid
magnitude immensity
magnanimous generous
2 mar sea marine inhabiting the sea
maritime intended for service at sea
3 matr / mater mother maternal motherly
matrimony act of marrying
matriarch female who rules family / tribe
4 meter measure chronometer an instrument for measuring time accurately
symmetry measures on opposite side of axis
5 merg sink / plunge submerge sink in water
merger combination of two / more organization
6 mob / mot move motility ability to move
immobile unable to move
demote move down in rank
7 mort death immortal imperishable
postmortem autopsy
mortuary place where dead bodies are kept before burial
8 mut change mutation alteration
transmute change from one form to another
immutable unalterable
9 mult many multiplex involving or consisting of many elements in a complex relationship
multitude a great number
multifarious diverse
10 mir look admire look with respect
mirror a looking glass

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Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2020
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