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GRE | List of words to enhance your vocabulary with alphabet ‘D’

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Set-4 :
The list of 10 most common root words with alphabet ‘D’ with their meaning and examples is as follows:

No Root Meaning Examples Meaning
1 dict speak edict command
predict say beforehand
malediction curse
2 dia across through diameter a straight line passing from side to side through the centre of a figure
diastole the phase of the heartbeat when the heart muscle relaxes and allows the chambers to fill with blood
3 dis apart/not dissension disagreement of opinion
diffident lacking self confidence
disabuse undeceive
4 DEM people democracy government by the people
endemic peculiar to a particular person or locality
pandemic general, universal
5 dub doubt dubiety doubtfulness
dubious doubtful
indubitable unquestionable
6 dys faulty dysfunctional poorly functioning
dyspepsia impaired digestion
dystrophy faulty or inadequate nutrition or development
7 dox belief orthodox conservative
paradox contradiction
heterodox unorthodox
8 duo / du two dual double
duology a pair of related novels, plays, or films
9 de reduce / remove deescalate reduce the intensity of
defenestrate remove or dismiss (someone) from a position of power or authority
decelerate reduce or cause to reduce in speed
10 dulc sweet dulcet pleasing
dulcified sweetened
dulcimer a musical instrument

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Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2020
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