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Google Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 26 May, 2022

Google is a dream company for everyone and getting into Google is like a dream come true.
I was interviewed by Google for Software Development Role for New Grad for Bangalore or Hyderabad-based teams.
Though I didn’t clear google I want to share my Google interview experience, so it can help others. Please find my interview experience below:
A recruiter from Google reached out to me via Linkedin in September and asked me to share my updated resume if I was interested in applying for their Software Development Role Position.
I shared my updated resume with the recruiter. After that, she reverted to me in October and asked for my availability for the first round of interviews. But we had lost the touch in-between and we again connected in January. We had a call and she asked a few questions related to my resume. In my case, she skipped the telephonic round and directed me to the onsite rounds.
My 2 onsite rounds happened on the same day of 14 January 2022. According to the recruiter if I cleared both onsite rounds then I would be directed to another onsite round and if cleared all these rounds, then the final round was supposed to happen. All the onsite rounds were technically based and 2 of them had Googleyness and Leadership questions.

Round 1: This was a technical round for 45 mins. The interviewer asked me a question based on the array which was looking very difficult and more geometry-based. After thorough brainstorming, I was able to identify the problem type and could solve it. But the catch is that I overlooked the edge cases and the interviewer pointed out that.

Round 2: This was a technical round for 45 mins + 15 mins of Googleyness and Leadership. The interviewer asked me a question based on the easy tree. I was able to solve it. After that, she asked me a follow-up question based on the tree but I was not able to fully solve it. I was not able to think of the correct approach but was giving some random approaches and the interviewer was not fully satisfied with the solution. After 45 minutes, there was a Googleyness and Leadership-based round for 15 minutes. I was asked many situational-based questions for that, about my internship experience, etc. I was not fully prepared for google rounds since I had lost touch with coding. Also, I got a bit nervous in Googleyness and Leadership round.


  • Try to write code on a notepad or google docs since google asks you to write a clear, concise, and correct code on it with all the edge cases getting based on.
  • Try to practice as many DSA questions as possible before appearing for Google and try to solve them in less time than possible with an optimized solution. For example, try to practice 2 coding questions of medium-hard level in 1 hour.
  • Prepare your resume thoroughly and also prepare for Googleyness and Leadership round. This is also very important to clear Google rounds since they will judge you in overall aspects.
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