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Google Cloud Platform – Introduction to Qwiklabs

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Qwiklabs provides lab learning environments that help developers and IT professionals get hands-on experience working with leading cloud platforms and software.

Qwiklabs provides temporary credentials to Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services so that you can get a real-life experience by working on different cloud platforms.           They consist of  30-minute individual labs to multi-day courses, from introductory level to expert, instructor-led or self-paced.

It has a rich catalog filled with many courses on different topics like machine learning, database management, app development, deployment, and much more.                                                         

What’s make this all more interesting is the badge feature provided by Qwiklabs which you can earn by completing the labs in a particular field/domain. The badge shows your new skill, and you can add your badge on your LinkedIn Profile too.

Welcome Screen Of Qwiklabs

The above image is the home page of Qwiklabs. The labs run under a specific time, and you have to complete that lab under that mentioned time. All the labs contain information on how to complete the tasks mentioned in the lab.
These labs operate on a pricing system. Usually, beginner level labs are of 1 credit with advanced ones ending up with 5–6 credits and here 1 credit equals 1 dollar.

Dashboard Of Google Cloud Platform

At this dashboard, you can have a look at various activities/tasks. On the top left side, you can have a look towards various cloud tools/services which you will be using while performing the labs.

Benefits of learning from Qwiklabs: 

  •  There’s no faster way to get hands-on experience with a cloud environment and to learn all the ins and outs of today’s modern cloud solutions than in a Qwiklabs lab.
  •  Qwiklabs offers step-by-step instructions to learn a popular cloud service, test different use cases, and train your teams to become cloud experts.
  •  Qwiklabs carries out many competitions throughout the year when you can earn goodies/coupons on completing the challenge(which consists of various labs). On registering for these challenges you will also receive some cloud credits to perform the labs.

Limitations :

For completing the labs sometimes you need credits which you might purchase to learn the cloud services.

Qwiklabs deployment sets a limit on the resources that can be used by labs. If you exceed the maximum resources, your account is blocked. This limit is imposed to prevent cloud resources from being used for purposes other than completing the lab activities.

To get started with Qwiklabs, it is recommended to start with GCP Essentials. This is an introductory level quest where you will get hands-on with Google Cloud Platform and its fundamental tools and services. This course assumes you with no prior knowledge of Cloud Computing.

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Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2023
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