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Goldman Sachs On-Campus Internship Procedure

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 Aug, 2018
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Online Test – Hackerrank
9 questions, 60 minutes
Q1 (Coding)
How many quadrilaterals are possible with the 4 coordinates given to you as a 2D array of 4X2?

Q2 – Q5 (MCQ)
Maximum number of comparisons in Merge Sort

Rotating an array by k (fill in the blanks in the code)
and 2 more.

Q6-Q7 (Paragraph based MCQ)
Pattern based encoding-decoding question

Q8-Q9 (Paragraph based MCQ)
The famous Wine Problem of Dynamic Programming with 5 wine bottles
Which wine to sell second for maximum profit? What is the maximum profit?

The questions pertained to Coding, Puzzle and HR broadly, along with some discussion on the projects your resume lists. The exact composition of questions in an interview wasn’t fixed. Generally, there were 3 rounds, if they covered all types of questions. But you may have 4 rounds also, if you had a pure Puzzle or pure HR round before.

I had 4 Rounds.

Round 1
Tell me about the projects you have listed on your resume.

Puzzle – 2 eggs, 100 floors

Round 2
Find the size of the largest square sub-matrix having all 1s in an mxn matrix.
Given a binary tree, identify if all leaf nodes are at the same level.

Round 3
What approach did you use to solve the Coding question of the Online Test (the Quadrilaterals question mentioned above)?
What is your definition of teamwork?
Given an mxn wall, you have 3×1 and 2×1 bricks, which you need to lay horizontally in each row, such that the ends of a brick in one row do not coincide with the ends of any brick in the rows above or below it, except of course coinciding at the start and end of the wall. What approach will you use to solve the question?

Round 4
Tell me about yourself.
What is the criterion for using binary search? Binary search in a rotated array.
and 1 more coding question.

In the Online Test, I solved all questions correctly, except 1 MCQ question that I don’t remember.

In the Interview, I answered all questions asked of me correctly, except the egg puzzle for which I gave 3 approaches, but in that moment, did not arrive at the final, most optimum one that you’ll find as the answer to this question.

After the Online Test, 25-30 students were shortlisted. After each Interview Round, some students were eliminated. Ultimately, 6 students were selected.

I hope this article helps you and best of luck for your internship/placement season.

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