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Goldman Sachs Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Jan, 2022
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The company Visited our Campus for the internship drive in August 2021.

Round 1(Online Assessment Test): – The test was on HackerRank Platform with tab proctoring and webcam proctoring enabled. 

The test contained the following sections –

  • Section 1 (Programming) — 1 Easy coding problem and one medium coding problem.
  • Section 2 (Quantitative Aptitude) — Multiple choice questions related to concepts of mathematics.
  • Section 3 (Advanced Programming) — A hard programming question on advanced data structures and algorithms.
  • Section 4 (Subjective) — Two behavioral subjective type questions.
  • Section 5 (CS basics) — Multiple choice questions related to concepts of Computer Science.

20 Students cleared the test.

All the interviews were hosted on Zoom and we were given a HackerRank code pair link to write our codes. 

Round 2(Technical Interview): – The interview starts with a formal introduction. 

Two Coding questions were asked in this interview,

  1. Reversing stack without using any extra space
  2. A problem which can easily be reduced to find the connected components in graph.

After that he asked me about pointers and some OS related questions.

17 students cleared this round.

Round 3(Technical Interview): – Similar to previous round this round also starts with a formal introduction. He asked me to code a problem based on Tree.

After that he asked me about OOPs concept with their real-life examples and we also discussed about my projects.

12 students are able to clear this round.

Round 4(Managerial Round): –   Similarly this interview started with the formal introduction.

  • He gave me a coding question based on prefix and suffix.
  • After that he asked me 2 puzzles (For this I recommend to go through the GFG puzzles sections once before your interview), he also asked some behavioral questions.
  • This round ends in a pleasant tone.

After this round only 5 students were selected for the internship and luckily, I was among them.

Few Takeaways which might help: –

  • Be Confident, do not panic and try to remain calm.
  • Convey your thoughts to interviewer while solving the problem.
  • DSA and problem solving is very important.
  • Go through the GFG puzzle section once before the interview.
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