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Goldman Sachs Internship Interview Experience 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2021

Every year, Goldman Sachs runs its Engineering Campus Hiring Program, an off-campus drive for their Bengaluru office. This year the applications opened from mid-July for about 3 weeks.

Here, I am (extensively) sharing my own experience with this program, the entire selection process,

Hope this helps!

So all this started in July when one of my seniors told us about this Goldman Sachs Engineering campus hiring program and we applied directly through Goldman Sachs careers portal because there is no referral applicable for this program.

Aptitude Test: Their first assessment was an Aptitude Test which took place on 23rd August. It was for a duration of 105 minutes with 66 questions divided as follows:

  • Section 1: Numerical Computations (basically maths) — 8 questions
  • Section 2: Numerical Reasoning — 12 questions 
  • Section 3: Comprehension — 10 questions
  • Section 4: Abstract Reasoning — 12 questions
  • Section 5: Diagrammatic Reasoning — 12 questions
  • Section 6: Logical Reasoning — 12 questions

All these MCQ questions had 5 marks for correct answers and -2 for incorrect.

This Aptitude round was the toughest Aptitude test I ever had, and I suggest you to practice previous year GS questions. My seniors had told me to solve at least 40-45 questions to have a chance so I solved 47 questions and was confident that at least 40 of them are correct

Technical Test: After a month on 17th September, I received a mail that I have cleared the first round. The next step was the technical assessment scheduled for 24th October. GS provided us with a general syllabus and pattern of the test. 

It had 5 sections with a total duration of 1 hour 50 minutes.

Section 1: 2 programming questions— 30 mins.

Both the question was of leetcode easy-medium level and I was able to solve 1 completely and 1 partially due to time constraints

Section 2: Problem Solving 10 MCQs — 40 mins.

This section was the hardest and had all the questions were of JEE mains-Advance level maths. 

The topics were probability, Statistics, number theory, set theory, algebra, trigonometry, and logical reasoning. I solved 5 questions from this section

Section 3: Computer Science 7 MCQs — 25 mins.

This section had questions on CS fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, operating systems (process scheduling), OOPs, and output type questions. Here I solved 4 questions.

Section 4: 2 subjective questions — 15 mins.

We were given 2 situations based subjective questions and we have to write our answer in 200 words  

On 3rd December I got to know that many people got the invite for interview scheduled on 7th December, I waited for 3 days but didn’t receive any mail, but finally, on 6th December I received A mail congratulating me that I have made it to the interviews and my interview is scheduled tomorrow from 10 AM to 5 PM, and all 3 round of interview are going to be conducted tomorrow itself.

I read all the GS interview experience from GFG and come to know that DP and puzzles are their fav topics, so I revised DP, Tree and Graph from my notes and solved all the puzzles available on GFG.

The Interviews

My interview was scheduled for 7th December on Zoom.

Round 1:

My first round took place at around 10 am, 

Firstly, my interviewer asked me “Tell me something about yourself”.

In this round the interviewer asked just theory based question, he first asked me 

# All the OOPs concepts with real-life examples, #Difference between Tree and Graph, # What is Greedy method? Give 3 examples of the greedy method, # Difference between linear search and binary search, # Which is the best sorting technique, and why??

I answered all this, but at the end, he asked me if I know DBMS, I directly said No, He asked me if I have any question for him, and I asked a couple of questions and with this the interview ended, overall the interview went well and my interviewer was quite impressed and appreciated me.

Round 2:

After waiting for an hour, I had my second interview.

my interviewer was very sweet and friendly, with 13 years of experience in goldman sachs, first, he made me comfortable asked me about my day, how my first round went, here intentionally I told him that “my 1st round of interview was great but he didn’t asked me any coding question ” so that my current interviewer don’t ask me any theoretical question and I can show my strength in CP.

He asked me the same interview opener question “Tell me something about yourself”. and then directly jumped onto the coding part he shared a code pair link and asked a medium level array question, I explained him the approach and coded my approach within 5 min then he asked me what will I do if this array was a circular array, I answered that too, and he looked satisfied with my approach, then he asked me some managerial questions like 

# why Goldman Sachs??

# Mention any point in your life when you felt very low and how you handled that situation.

then I asked him 2-3 questions and we had a good healthy conversation for a while, the interviewer was quite impressed and appreciated me for my coding skills.

Both of my rounds were over by 12noon and I was eagerly waiting for my 3rd round of interview but I wasn’t called for the third interview and after around 6 hours at 6 PM we were told to leave the meeting and that they are not going to take any more interviews and we will get the results in a few days, later I found out a lot of students had 3 round of interview some had 4 round too.

Finally on 16th December I received my selection mail

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