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GoIbibo Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2020
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I applied to GoIbibo through LinkedIn. The process took about a month. I received a call from the HR regarding the same to schedule an interview. Fast forward to the interview.

My interview was taken by a senior software developer who seemed to have a great deal of knowledge. He first started with simple Object Oriented Programming concepts like
-What do you mean by Abstraction?
-What do you mean by Polymorphism?
-Then to take a deeper dig into the questions he tried confusing me between run time and compile time polymorphism.
-From run time and compile time polymorphism he mentioned examples of function overloading and overriding and would give confusing statements about both.

After a good drill on Object Oriented Programming he went on to ask me questions about my projects like-
-What is difference between MongoDB and SQL?(As I had used MongoDB in the project)
-Are joins possible in MongoDB?
-Why did you use MongoDB?
-Does your project work for multiple users logged into the platform at a time?(Drilling me about page sessions)
-As my project was based on MVC he then went on to ask the corresponding Model, View and Control layers.He then repeated a few sentences so as to confuse me with the respective layers.
-More questions about DAO-Data Access Object.
He then gave me a DSA question-
Finding loop in linked list
We discussed various approaches of solving this problem with and without extra memory spaces.
He then went on to ask me two puzzles:
I was not able to answer the second puzzle however.

He then asked me if I had any questions for him and I asked him for my feedback for which he explained the second puzzle that I could not answer.
The interviewer was extremely friendly but would keep confusing me and contradicting my statements.It was however a good experience interviewing with Ibibo.

Hope this post helped.
All the best 😀

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