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Generate Waffle chart using pyWaffle in Python

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  • Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2020
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A Waffle Chart is a gripping visualization technique that is normally created to display progress towards goals. Where each cell in the Waffle Chart constitutes of 10 X 10 cell grid in which each cell represents one percentage point summing up to total 100%. It is commonly an effective option when you are trying to add interesting visualization features to a visual. Waffle Charts are widely used as an Excel dashboard.

For generating Waffle Chart in Python, modules needed are – matplotlib, pandas and pyWaffle.
To install these packages, run the following commands :

pip install matplotlib
pip install pandas
pip install pywaffle

Below is the implementation:

# python program to generate Waffle Chart
# importing all necessary requirements
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from pywaffle import Waffle
# creation of a dataframe
data ={'phone': ['Xiaomi', 'Samsung',
                 'Apple', 'Nokia', 'Realme'],
       'stock': [44, 12, 8, 5, 3]
df = pd.DataFrame(data)
# To plot the waffle Chart
fig = plt.figure(
    FigureClass = Waffle,
    rows = 5,
    values = df.stock,
    labels = list(

Waffle chart using pyWaffle
The above Waffle Chart has been generated for the data in the DataFrame


  • More visually attractive.
  • Used for attractive Dashboards.


  • Waffle Chart becomes too complicated when too many segments are involved.
  • individualized spaces do not leave a spot to put numbers or text within the visual itself.
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