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Gemini Solutions Interview Experience

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The criteria decided by the company was 70 throughout 10th ,12th and B.Tech current semester for icain company written test.

Round 1: This was pen and paper based written test in which question were divided in few section like quant,reasoning,c output question along with 3-4 sql queries,one question was their to normalize the given database table.

Note :- Mostly nested query was focused.

Round 2: Group Discussion
In this round groups were formed of 10 members each and they are provided a common topics in which group member needs to discuss and give their opinion or views.

Note :-Never speak when someone else is speaking find a proper time to enter the discussion and must ready with facts and figures .

Round 3:Technical Interview

Out of 260 students only 33 were shortlisted for interview at company office at Gurgaon .

The interviewer welcomed me with a smile and then the discussion started from my Resume.He started with puzzle Measure 45min using two identical wires (

second puzzle was King and the poisonous wine(

They we question related with linked were asked

1.Find the middle element in the linked list .

2.find loop in the linked list.

for second answer i told him the concept of fast and slow pointers then he told me optimize the code i told the hashing logic to store the address in hash table if we again reach to same address again it means their is a loop

Then he started question related with tree different traversal algorithm level order traversal,left view ,right view of tree.

He then asked my choice DS or puzzle then i told him to ask puzzle problem since i had not answered few question completely.

Note :In this round data structures was focused a lot and the approach to solve it if you can not write the code then tell him the approach to solve the problem

Round 4:Technical Interview(Level 4)

In this round their were two interviewer both were having copy of my resume and they started asking question from the interest areas mentioned in my resume and the projects that i had made i explained all projects one by one .They asked me to write a query to find second highest in database after this the interviewer started question on linked insertion and deletion in linked list how they different from array,complexity of different operation on linked under different condition.

They one out of two interviewer started questions on OOPs concept although i had not mentioned that in my resume.

Note :- Be confident while answering even if u don’t know the answer never giveup .

Round 5: Managerial Round

In this round a Senior Interviewer was taking interview .He started with brief introduction,then he asked me about my family background then he asked few technical question related with PHP as i had mentioned that in my resume,then he asked me puzzle question

1.Minimum no. of tries to guess a number.

I told him the Binary Search approach they asked me the exact answer .I told him that it would be (Log n with base 2) that is the complexity of binary search in worst case.

2.Find the heavy ball out of 8 balls by using balance least no. of times.

Answer would be 2 times we have use the balance

At the end interviewer asked me whether i want to ask any question i discussed about company needs and the technology on which i will be working upon.

Note :- This round was just to test the confidence level of the candidates and how he performs under pressure.

After 1 week result was declared and 9 students were selected in total .

This article is contributed by Rahul Kumar Singh

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Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2019
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