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Gemini Solutions Interview Experience | On-Campus

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The criteria decided by the company was 70% in 10th,12th, and B.Tech current semester for giving company written test.

Round 1: This was an online written test in which questions were divided into a few sections like Aptitude, C output questions along with 5-6 SQL queries, one question was there to normalize the given database table. and some UNIX commands.

Round 2(Group Discussion): In this round groups were formed of 10 members each and they are provided with common topics in which group member needs to discuss and give their opinion or views. but because of online mode, they give 2-3 min for speaking on the topics. and at last, they ask who want to conclude

“Note:-Never speak when someone else is speaking and must be ready with facts and figures apart from that conclude if they said it makes an impact.”

Round 3(Technical Interview-1): Out of 70 students, only 28 were shortlisted for interviews.

  • The interviewer greetings me with a smile and then the discussion started she asked in which programming language I like to code. apart from this, she gave me to write a code for finding a middle element in a linked list, to detect the cycle in a linked list, etc. 
  • Questions are basic and simple to answer, apart from that she started asking SQL queries so be prepared for that also (nested queries are asked)
  • Then she moves to OOPS concepts like encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, super, virtual function, etc., after this, she understood my project also, after this all she asked 2 puzzles which were simple and in last she asked any questions for her.

“NOTE- always asked anything after she/he said this in the last.”

Round 4(Technical Interview-2): Out of 28 – only 12 are shortlisted.

  • The interviewer greetings me with a smile and then the discussion started. 
  • she directly asked about my projects and want to see them. so I shared the screen and start explaining until she gets satisfied and then she gave me a code i.e. print duplicate characters in the string after that the discussion started from the resume, and after that OOPS concept comes into play. 
  • After all this, she gave me 2 -3 puzzles like: How will you measure 4 liters from two bottles of 3L & 5L. and 2 more I haven’t remembered right now but they were pretty easy but time-consuming.

Round 5(Management Round): This is 15 min round, he asked me to tell me about myself and he asked questions from the presentation which is given at the very beginning after that he gave me some scenarios and asked for test cases for them. only this much is asked in this round.

Round 6(HR Round): In this, she asked to tell me about myself and want me to give feedback about the company’s recruitment process, and then she asked for location preferences. that’s it.

Verdict – SELECTED 

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Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2021
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