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Gemini Solutions Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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Eligibility criteria were 70% all through 10th, 12th. There were 6 rounds of interviews.

Round 1: It was a written exam consisting of 45 questions. 5 questions were of technical knowledge ( find the output, programming concepts, find the error ). The 40 questions were based on Logic and reasoning ability and English. The time to complete the test was 30 minutes. Questions were not that hard. In 30 minutes, I was able to do 29-30 questions from the Logic section and all 5 from the technical section. I was then shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2: (Group discussion) The group discussion consisted of 15 people in a teams meeting. I thought it would be like we have to debate on a given topic. But everyone has to speak on their on the given common topic. So in my case, the topic was ” What should have been India’s take on Russia & Ukraine fight”, which was a known topic to me. The host gave us a minute to think about all the points we were gonna speak about. This round was mainly for good communication skills and confidence. So I wrote keywords in my notebook about what I was going to speak. Everyone was given one minute to speak.

Round 3: (Technical Interview-1 ) This was one to one interview about technical skills. In this interview, you need to know about programming concepts and puzzles are very important.  I was first to find the middle element of the linked list. I was asked about the bubble sort approach with its time complexity. About SQL I was asked, the types of joins. I was asked to write a query for finding maximum salary from assuming an Employee and Salary table. I was then asked about core programming concepts like polymorphism, abstraction, etc. This interview was not so hard. You should know sorting and SQL is important.

Round 4: (Technical Interview-2) In this interview, I was asked to write a program to find occurrences of names given in string. Like “shubham,bajaj,bajaj,shubham”. I had to split them and put them into the array and then use the HashMap to print the frequencies of the names. Strings and HashMaps are important for any interview. Then I was asked 2 Puzzles :

  • Horse racetrack 
  • Bulb and switches in a different room

You can check them on GeeksForGeeks. My friend was Puzzle Two Identical wires to measure 45 minutes. So puzzles are a very important part of the process for Gemini Solutions. I was able to crack only the Bulb puzzle and the program.

Round 5: (Management Round) This was the last deciding factor round, where a senior interviewer asked me two simple questions. I was asked about the types of exceptions I’ve dealt with and a logical question about finding the probability of dices. And then he told me what will I learn in the organization and the types of technologies that’ll be used. The duration of this round was 15 minutes.

Round 6: (HR round) This was the final round in which we introduced ourselves to HR. No questions were asked. It was a simple talk about myself and my goal. This round consisted of 5 people which made it to the last round. It went on for 15 minutes.

The next day I received an e-mail that I was selected.

My advice to all is to boost your confidence. It matters. A confident person with intermediate knowledge is all that they had. 

By: Shubham Bajaj

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Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2022
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