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Gemini Solutions Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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Round 1 – 3rd Oct 2022: This round basically includes a 75 min MCQ test which has 2 sections-

  • Aptitude Section (25 ques)
  • Technical Section( 30 ques)

This round was done on the Athena Platform.

Round 2- 3rd Oct 2022: Group Discussion round(32 students were shortlisted after the Test)

My group had given a topic- whether social media is a bane or boon

Round 3- 4th Oct 2022: Technical Round 1(15 Students were shortlisted after the GD round). In this round interviewer asked me questions like-

  • Tell me about yourself and which technology do u have used in your projects.
  • I have used Web Frontend in my projects hence she asked me questions about JS 
  • What is equality in JS
  • What are map and filter functions
  • What are objects in JS
  • Difference between array and objects

After this interviewer told me to share screen and do some coding

  • Reverse string code
  • What is SQL
  • Difference between SQL and MySQL
  • What are joins and types of joins?
  • Primary key and the unique key difference
  • What is the foreign key
  • SQL query- how to get the second-highest salary in a table

after that, she told me do u have any questions and that this round was over.

Round 4- 6th Oct 2022 Technical interview(Round 2):11 students were shortlisted after the 1st technical

  • In this round, Interviewer asked me technical questions like-
  • What are oops and pillars of oops
  • Difference between abstraction and encapsulation
  • What are polymorphisms and what types of polymorphism?
  • What is run time polymorphism and implement it
  • What are malloc and calloc functions
  • Then he asked me for a puzzle: how to measure 4 liters using 3 and 5-liter water jars.

Round 5- 7th Oct 2022: Managerial Round: 6 students were shortlisted after 2nd technical round. In this round, a senior technical person came and asked me a combination of technical and managerial questions

  • What is encapsulation
  • What are indexes
  • How indexes work
  • How to find the middle of a linked list
  • SQL query- How to find 3rd highest salary in an employee table
  • then managerial questions like-
  • What is Gemini?
  • after 3 years where do u want to see yourself in the company etc?

Round 6- 10th Oct 2022 HR round:  6 students were shortlisted after the managerial round

  • It was a 10 min basic discussion round where the interviewer asked me to tell myself about myself, and told me about the company bond policy and that’s it.

on 13th Oct 2022, I got results (4 students were selected after all rounds)

Verdict– Selected!

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Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2022
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