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Gemini Solutions Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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09-September-2021: Gemini Solutions Pvt Ltd came for hiring procedure for the role of Technical Trainee from our college VIT Vellore. Due to the pandemic, everything was supposed to be done virtually. There were series of 5 rounds conducted for the selection criteria.

Round 1: MCQ+Subjective+Coding

Total Time allowed: 45 Mins.

  • Questions based on Aptitude(Quants, Verbal & Logical), Linux, Output of Pseudocode which was MCQ’s, 2-3 Questions were based on DSA(Sorting and similar kind of Questions),
  • 4-5 SQL Queries were asked in Round 1.

Round 2:

  • After Round 1 result was published the next day, and shortlisted students were called for Pre Placement Talk, which was followed by Round 2 which was Group Discussion,
  • The topic for discussion was: “Is India ready for a cashless economy?”. The duration for this round was 30-45 mins.

Round 3:

  • 2-3 hours later, The Technical Interview round was conducted which was Round 3 (A lot of questions were asked in this round), and the duration for this round was 30mins. Two interviewers were allotted for this round
  • Questions based on Linux, SQL Queries, Theory from SQL, OS & OOPS, Simple C++ Program were asked to write and compile and few questions from the mental aptitude quiz were asked, also I was asked to explain the project in my resume.
  • Find 2nd Largest number(SQL Query)
  • How will you measure 4liters from two bottles of 3L & 5L?

Round 4:

Time taken for this round was 15-20mins.

Round 5:

  • After the result was shared by HR, all the students who were selected were called for HR discussion which was done 2 days later. It was a simple and lite discussion.

Verdict: Selected


  • Be quick in round 1, as questions turn out to be lengthy slowly. For round 2, dress in proper formals never interrupt anyone in GD, always come up with relevant points. For round 3, prepare the basics of SQL, Linux & OOPS (interview questions from Javatpoint & GFG).
  • Prepare SQL queries properly. Be aware of the project that you wrote in your resume(end to end). Round 4 was more focused on DSA.
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Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021
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