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GeeksforGeeks Interview Experience for Software Developer

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Jan, 2022
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I applied online on their job portal, and filled the Google form. Then after 2 days, I got a mail that my CV has been shortlisted and I have to go through the first round of interview aka Telephonic Interview. 

Round 1 (Telephonic Interview) : 

I got a call from an software engineer from GeeksforGeeks, and he asked me two coding questions and a few React questions. This interview lasted for 14 minutes, as I gave answers and all possible approach to every question rapidly, and accurately. 

First Question was a slight modification of 

Second question was to give the complete approach for this question: 

After that he asked me React questions like: 

  1. Why do we need a key in React map.
  2. Functional vs Class Based Components.
  3. Lifecycle Hooks.
  4. Render function, etc.

On the same day, after two hours I got to know that I have been shortlisted for the onsite interviews. 

Round 2 (Face to Face) : 

A very cool guy came to interview me and asked me to introduce myself. Then he told me that my resume is very impressive and asked me slight modification of this question:

but I gave him the exact code for the above. Then he explained me the question again, and I was able to code it as well. He was impressed. Then he asked me second question: 

After I wrote the complete code for this, he told me that, he thinks I am quite good at these questions. Then he told that usually, the interview till now lasts for hour and a half, but since I managed to do the questions in half an hour, I need to answer one more question. That question was: 

After that he told me that I did well, and left. 

Round 3 (Face to Face) : 

A lady came for interview, must be a senior React Developer, then asked me to introduce myself. After that she bombarded me with a stream of React questions, a lot of them. She was figuring out whether I know ins and outs of react or not? She would have asked atleast 20 questions. Then she asked me how will I rate myself in Data Structures & Algorithm, I told her (9/10). She then asked me this question: 

After I coded the question, I was asked for two pointers approach. I showed it as well, with a dry run. She told me, I did well and that I should wait for further rounds. 

Round 4 (Face to Face) : 

This was the most difficult Interview round. The guy was very nice and talked subtly, he asked me whether I know about databases, then some database questions. And then, 

1. He told me to design the database for GeeksforGeeks quizzes. It took me too much time, but I came up with the design with his help. 

2. He asked me to convert a React code to html by taking it as string and converting this string to a string that follows html design patterns. I gave him the approach, then he told me to code it as well. I coded it, then modified, again modified. And lastly, I had written 14 pages of codes in C++. 

He collected the code pages and told me that the HR will communicate me the results. 

Then HR came and told me that they will communicate it via telephone. The entire interview process took me 5+ hours. 

Finally I got the offer, but I Declined.

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