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GeeksforGeeks Interview Experience for SDE (Android Team)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2020
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I was interviewed for SDE(Android Team) at GeeksforGeeks. The entire interview procedure here was very well organized and perfect.

On LinkedIn, I got a notification of job opening at GFG for their Android Team. I was very much interested in this position. I applied via LinkedIn. On next day I got a message on LinkedIn from one of their recruiters. I was asked more details about my interests and experiences relevant to the opening. 

Within a week the interview process started. The HR team is really very cool there. Before each round of interview I used to get call from HR for suitable Date and Time of the interview.  

After the written coding round I had 3 in-person technical rounds + 1 HR round which were truly awesome.

Round 1: Round 1 was completely based on the team I was interviewing for. It was taken by Engineer from their team. The level of questions ranges from medium to hard. The interview was 1 hour long. In the starting I was asked questions based on my projects and internships. Here make sure to write only those skills and achievements  in your resume which are actual and also attach some links as a proof of your work (like github link etc). 

I got the results of this round within 2 days and next round was DSA. 

Round 2 (DSA) This round was of intermediate level for me. In the starting I was asked some theoretical questions on different data structures, time complexities of sorting algorithms and their applications.  I was asked to present me screen and write the code on Google Docs. I was given 2 DSA questions to solve. 1 was from easy leetcode (Stack) and the second was from medium leetcode (Linked List). This round went very well for me. I was sure to get call for the next round.

Luckily on the very next day the recruiter congratulated me and asked for suitable date for the next round (DSA + DBMS) with the CTO of the team.

Round 3 (DSA + DBMS): Finally, I reached the final tech round after clearing the previous 2 rounds. This round was supposed to be 1 hr long but it went upto 1:30 hrs. I was given 2 DSA questions both of LinkedLists here. Having already done practice to code on Google Docs it was not too tough for me. 

After solving both the questions with linear time complexity I was asked 4 to 5 questions of DBMS (Medium to Hard). Within a week I got the results of this round, and I was really very happy. Next was the HR round for which I was equally nervous 😛

Round 4 (HR): This round also went very well. The HR was very cooperative and humble. For the first I really enjoyed giving the HR round. 

On the next day I got congratulations call from my recruiter. I was too happy. The whole interview process at GFG was just awesome.

I am thankful to my recruiter Mr. Sonu Yadav for being so supportive throughout the process.

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