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GATE | Gate IT 2007 | Question 67

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  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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Consider the following clauses:

i. Not inherently suitable for client authentication.

ii. Not a state sensitive protocol.

iii. Must be operated with more than one server.

iv. Suitable for structured message organization.

v. May need two ports on the serve side for proper operation.

The option that has the maximum number of correct matches is
(A) IMAP-(i), FTP-(ii), HTTP-(iii), DNS-(iv), POP3-(v)
(B) FTP-(i), POP3-(ii), SMTP-(iii), HTTP-(iv), IMAP-(v)
(C) POP3-(i), SMTP-(ii), DNS-(iii), IMAP-(iv), HTTP-(v)
(D) SMTP-(i), HTTP-(ii), IMAP-(iii), DNS-(iv), FTP-(v)

Answer: (D)

Explanation: FTP need to open two ports at server, 1 for control information at 21 and another for data.

SMTP- Not suitable for client authentication ,SMTP AUTH an extension is provided for authentication now.
HTTP- It doesn’t depend on the state of the device or OS.
IMAP- It includes a central server ,hence must have more than one server
DNS- Suitable for structured message organization.
FTP – needs port 20 and 21 for control and data.


This solution is contributed by Shashank Shanker khare.



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