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GATE | GATE CS 2018 | Question 7

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  • Last Updated : 22 Feb, 2018
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In a party, 60% of the invited guests are male and 40% are female. If 80% of the invited guests attended the party and if all the invited female guests attended, what would be the ratio of males to females among the attendees in the party?

(A) 2:3
(B) 1:1
(C) 3:2
(D) 2:1

Answer: (B)


Let total males and females be 60x and
40x respectively.

Total number of people = (60x + 40x)
Total number of people who attended : 
                 0.8(60x + 40x) = 80x

Let y males attended. It is given all 
1females attended 

40x + y = 80x
y = 40x which is same as females.

Alternative Approach –
Lets total number of people = 100.
Therefore, 60 are male and and 40 are female.

But total 80 guests are attended and all 40 female attended the party.
So, there remaining (80 – 40 = 40) attendees should be male.

Then the ration of male to female among attendees is 40 : 40 = 1 : 1

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