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GATE | GATE CS 1996 | Question 61

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  • Last Updated : 06 Nov, 2017
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Let Q = ( {q1,q2}, {a,b}, {a,b,Z}, δ, Z, ϕ) be a pushdown automaton accepting by empty stack for the language which is the set of all non empty even palindromes over the set {a,b}. Below is an incomplete specification of the transitions δ. Complete the specification. The top of the stack is assumed to be at the right end of the string representing stack contents.

δ(q1, a, Z)={(q1, Za)}
δ(q1, b, Z)={(q1, Zb)}
δ(q1, a, a)={(..... , .....)}
δ(q1, b, b)={(..... , .....)}
δ(q2, a, a)={(q2, ϵ)}
δ(q2, b, b)={(q2, ϵ)}
δ(q2, ϵ, Z)={(q2, ϵ)}



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