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GammaStack Interview Experience for Solution Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2022
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Hi, I am a Solution Engineer @GammaStack. GammaStack came as a campus recruiter. This was an on-campus opportunity. The hiring process in the company is in 4 steps, All the rounds in the process are eliminating rounds.

  • Coding Round
  • Technical interview -1
  • Technical interview -2
  • HR round

Before starting off with the hiring first, let’s know about the company.

GammaStack: GammaStack is a service-based software company, that builds products majorly across iGaming and Fantasy Sports. They have some good clients around the globe to whom they provide their services. They work for the back support and also provide an interface to the websites. They deal with providing end-to-end service for the clients. They work with some emerging technologies like React, NodeJS, Blockchain, python, Crypto, etc.

The thing that drew me to the company was their team size, they are a small company so the experience that we receive there is different from the rest of the companies. These were the information that seniors working with Gammastack had given to me.

My experience: All the rounds were taken online due to the pandemic. The good thing about the process was that the recruitment drive was carried forward within a day. That is my entire hiring process carried forward within a day.

The first was the coding round, I was given 3 problems. All three problems were distinct.

  • Array Manipulation
  • String Manipulation
  • Graph

Technical Interview 1: All clearing this round I was selected for the TI-1(technical Interview-1). This started with my introduction. Followed by a question to reverse an array, and code to check for the palindrome. This assessment carried with me sharing my screen with a code editor. The interviewer was supportive throughout. They even asked me to not be correct with the syntax but the logic should be correct.

I passed the round and got called for the TI-2

Technical Interview 2: This was a little more difficult round than the previous one. The interviewer asked me with questions on a string, SQL, and some DS concepts. Then I was given a puzzle to solve. This puzzle was a tricky one. The puzzle was about speed and time. The chase for the puzzle was to check your thinking ability in a tough time. I was able to answer the question in time, then the interviewer tried to confuse me with the puzzle but I didn’t shake.

On the same day, I got a call from HR.

HR Round: This round is more like a one-on-one interaction where the company wants to know the employee.The HR asked me to introduce myself, Followed by questions on how I spent my time in the Lockdown. I had been involved in college festivals and clubs and so I explained all the activities I participated in. This was really a fun round.

After a month I got a call from the college about my selection and in the 8th semester, I started my internship where I was given the profile of Solution Engineer Intern.

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