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Freshservice vs Help Scout

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Management is one of the critical and most important tasks for the success of any business or organization. It is really difficult to manage each and everything manually when there is a large number of people in an organization. To ease the management work different measures were taken, help desk systems are one of those measures which work really well for customer management. Help Scout and Freshservice are two commonly used help desk systems. So let’s compare them.

What is Freshservice?

Freshservice is a help desk system built for customer support management. It was built for resolving customers’ problems at a fast rate using different ways like a ticket system, self-service, and Advance Help Desk (AHD). It has a very simple interface that can be used by beginners also without any technical knowledge.

Advantages of Freshservice

  • It can be accessed through different devices like web-based, iPhone, and Android systems.
  • It supports collaboration among business functions.
  • It helps in reducing workloads by providing automation for simple problems.
  • It supports multiple languages so people from different regions can easily use them.

Disadvantages of Freshservice

  • It lacks in auto-assigning feature.
  • It does not have chatbot functionality.

What is Helpscout?

Help Scout is a help desk system build for effective customer management by solving their problems in an easy manner. It uses an email-based service system that provides easy tracking of status. Nick Francis, Jared McDaniel, and Denny Swindle founded the Help Scout company in 2011 in Massachusetts to provide solutions for client management. 

Advantages of Help Scout

  • It supports the multiple mailboxes feature to manage different services through a single account.
  • It has single sign-on functionality which provides better security.
  • It provides real-time notifications and updates.
  • Status of a customer problem can be checked through ticket tracking.

Disadvantages of Help Scout

  • It does not provide any virtual assistant.
  • It lacks social media integration like Instagram integration.

Below is a table of differentiation between Freshservice and Help Scout:



Help Scout

Definition This can be defined as an online client service system for customer support management. It can be understood as a customer relationship management platform for solving customers’ queries.
Developer(s) It was developed by Girish Mathrubootham. It was developed by Nick Francis, Jared McDaniel, and Denny Swindle.
Free Plan  It provides a special plan with limited functionalities for free. It does not provide any free plan.
Integrations Integrations of fresh services are google calendar, office 365, Asana, etc. Some of the integrations of Help Scout are Trello, Slack, etc.
Official Website Its official website is Its official website is
Subscription Its subscription starts at $19 per month. Its subscription starts at $20 per month.
Platform Supported It also supports different platforms like iPhone, iPad, Web, Android, etc. It supports Web, Android, and iPad platforms
Popularity The popularity of Freshservice is less when compared to Help Scout. The popularity of Help Scout is more as compared to Freshservice.


On comparing Help Scout and Freshservice it can be observed that both software are efficient on some parameters. One can use Freshservice as it has a free plan and is more popular and budget friendly while Help Scout has more customization options but comes with some cost so the choice depends on the customer’s requirements.

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Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2022
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