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Fractal Analytics Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 03 Oct, 2022
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Fractal Analytics came for the role of Imagineer (Trainee Data Scientist) during the campus internship drive in September 2022 for summer internship 2023.

Round 1 ( Aptitude Test ) : 70 Questions in 1.5 hours. Basically, this round was divided into four parts

  • Data Analysis: Around 18 questions. ( Try to attend those 6 easy questions correctly, 5 medium try, others randomly)
  • Reasoning Ability: Around 30 questions. ( Don’t waste your time here, Try to attend 20 questions easy ones,  others randomly )
  • Quantitative Ability: Around 13 questions. ( All questions were easy and attend fully )
  • Verbal: Around 12. ( All were easy )

So from many students, 30 were selected for the next round

Round 2 ( Problem Solving):

  • Introduction
  • General questions about life
  • About Project ( Why you chose )
  • Have you done any creative things
  • Palindrome program syntax
  • Abstraction, Encapsulation

Mainly asked SQL questions

  • Binary search
  • Merge sort

Other few questions

  • If you are clear with easy basics then 100% sure you will easily crack this
  • Around 19 students were selected

Round 3 ( HC round): They asked general questions not related to technical and questions logical.

Around 15 students were selected

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