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Four File Handling Hacks which every C/C++ Programmer should know

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 29 May, 2017

We will discuss about four file hacks listed as below-

  1. Rename – Rename a file using C/C++
  2. Remove – Remove a file using C/C++
  3. File Size – Get the file size using C/C++
  4. Check existence – Check whether a file exists or not in C/C++

// A C++ Program to demonstrate the
// four file hacks every C/C++ must know
// Note that we are assuming that the files
// are present in the same file as the program
// before doing the below four hacks
// A Function to get the file size
unsigned long long int fileSize(const char *filename)
    // Open the file
    FILE *fh = fopen(filename, "rb");
    fseek(fh, 0, SEEK_END);
    unsigned long long int size = ftell(fh);
    return (size);
// A Function to check if the file exists or not
bool fileExists(const char * fname)
    FILE *file;
    if (file = fopen(fname, "r"))
        return (true);
    return (false);
// Driver Program to test above functions
int main()
    printf("%llu Bytes\n", fileSize("Passwords.txt"));
    printf("%llu Bytes\n", fileSize("Notes.docx"));
    if (fileExists("OldData.txt") == true )
        printf("The File exists\n");
        printf("The File doen't exist\n");
    rename("Videos", "English_Videos");
    rename("Songs", "English_Songs");
    if (fileExists("OldData.txt") == true )
        printf("The File exists\n");
        printf("The File doesn't exist\n");
    return 0;


Screenshot before executing the program :

Screenshot after executing the program :

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