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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 21

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  • Last Updated : 17 Apr, 2015
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I was interviewed at Flipkart. Following was my interview experience.

Initially there was one telephonic screening round. then I was called at their bangalore office.

Telephonic round:

Given an unsorted array find an entry in array where arr[i]= i; modified it to if array is sorted.
find median of a long stream of numbers at any instant of time.
implement LRU cache. (DS used in it and explanation )

Round 1. Machine coding round

Maintain an employee hierarchy with attributes
Print complete hierarchy of given employee.
find top 10 employees on the basis of salary ,at any instant of time .
Perform CRUD opérations on the hierarchy.

they measure you performance on following
Code should be running
time limit is 1:30 minutes.
Appropriate data structures used.
optimized and modular code.

Round 2: Technical
Optimize the code done in machine coding round
    A lot of discussion on the approach i used. Various edge case discussions.

Round 3. Technical
print the top view and right view if tree.
create a mirror tree from the already existing tree inplace.
How many ways a 4*n wall be filled with 4*1 sheets so that the wall ends uniformly.

Round 4: Hiring Manager Round
A lot of discussions on my previous work. asked me to draw the architectural diagram of my latest project and explain thoroughly.
What is a columnar database. why we preferred redshift over mysql for data warehouse.
Why Flipkart.
what is you passion and aspiration
Where do you see yourself down the line in 2-3 years.
what kind of work motivates you.
what was the toughest project you ever received. problems faced in that. how you solved it.
Any questions if I had for him.

Basically Hiring manager wants to check if you are a good asset to his team and will fit in the company culture.

Thanks a lot to GeeksForGeeks for such an awesome platform for geeks like us 😉

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