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Flipkart Interview Experience for SDE-1

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 18 May, 2021

Role: SDE-1 (2021)

Total-Experience: 1.7 years

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Location: Bengaluru

Total number of Rounds: 3 

Mode: virtual

I applied for the SDE position at Flipkart through its official website and received an email two weeks later. in preparation for the interviews, An interviewer called to inform me about the interviews and the next steps. There are three rounds.

Round 1(1hr:30mins): Machine Coding round, had to create a Facebook-style feed platform with posts, users, upvotes, downvotes, post ranking, and other things I can’t remember.

  • The code must be modular and well-structured.
  • Certain test cases/demonstrable must be passed.
  • It was written as a console application using oops concepts, with well-structured code that passed all test cases and was successfully demoed. Except for exception handling (which I was told to leave because of time constraints), I had covered all of the “Expectations” listed in their problem doc.

Round 2 (1 hour): Problem-solving and Data Structures round. They asked two questions:

  1. A source-to-destination problem that had to be solved in O(1) space and time, with the solution coded.
  2. Flipkart bidding system type problem, overall I got from the problem is, we have a stream of integers coming, in every instant find the winner (having the highest non-repetitive bid/or highest non-repetitive number) – I solved it with multiple approaches, but later with discussion with the interviewer, solved it using Hashmap and max-heap.

Actually, I liked this round better because we were debating different approaches.

After the second round, the interviewer stated that he accepts my solution.

Round 3 (1 hour):

  • Hiring managers are being interviewed.
  • He told me about the team and made me feel at ease.
  • Discussion of projects, backgrounds, and so on.
  • I discussed the Producer and Consumer problems in the operating system/system, how to handle them, and how to code the solution. I then discussed my approach and coded it.

This round received a favorable review from him, and he appeared to be persuaded. I received word from HR that my HR round was also positive, and that they will conduct a de-briefing before making an offer.


After only two days of interviewing, I received an offer for the SDE position, which surprised and delighted me. I hope this helps you with your planning.

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